Top 10 Best Concepts for a TV Show Episode

Any idea that you can imagined? Think of an concept that you think work best for a TV show episode.

The Top Ten

1 Zombie Invasion

Zombie invades the city. - Shevanda04

2 Musical

An episode that mainly focused on music. - Shevanda04

3 Sport

Football, Basketball, Hockey, etc. - Shevanda04

4 Change of Personality

Example: In Patrick SmartPants (SpongeBob). - Shevanda04

5 Time Travel
6 Food

Make sure this episode has a lot of food fun. - Shevanda04

7 Parody

In Planet of the Jellyfish (SpongeBob), The Nest (Gumball), Star Wars parodies (Family Guy and Robot Chicken), etc. - Shevanda04

8 Disaster

In The Job (Gumball) and Bad Jubies (Adventure Time). - Shevanda04

9 Shapeshifting

In The Shell (Gumball) and Into the Bunker (Gravity Falls). Not sure if those two counts. - Shevanda04

10 Body Swap

In Carpet Diem (Gravity Falls), The Meteor (Sonic Boom), etc. - Shevanda04

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