Conceptual Albums with the Best Story


The Top Ten

1 Tommy - The Who

The Famous story of the deaf, dumb and blind kid who 'sure plays a mean pinball'. The story is so good it eventually was made a movie out of it - waldo

2 The Wall - Pink Floyd

A album about the fictional character pink who isolates himself from the society in the end - waldo

3 Tales of Mystery and Imagination - Alan Parsons Project

Alan Parsons is the best person for concept albums after pete townshend - waldo

Good one. Hadn't thought of this album for awhile, it's kinda dark, based on Edgar Allan Poe poems and short stories. It's ok - Ned964

4 The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - Genesis

About the escapades of Rael as he travels to the underworld of New York to rescue his brother. - waldo

5 The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars - David Bowie

The flame-haired, bisexual, alien rockstar unveiled in 1972 �" is potentially Bowie's finest. - waldo

6 Quadrophenia - The Who

This album shows the frustration of an whole generation - waldo

7 Welcome to My Nightmare - Alice Cooper

About the nightmares of an boy in an hospital - waldo

8 2112 - Rush
9 Animals - Pink Floyd

It takes some getting used to. Largely written off as a stoner's album on its release, it deserves better props than that. Some great guitar work. It has 3 very long tracks, and 2 very short ones. Nice album to just put on and kinda ignore it. - Ned964

10 The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

The Contenders

11 Electra Heart - Marina and the Diamonds
12 S.F. Sorrow - The Pretty Things
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