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Finding tickets to a popular concert can be tough. There are thousands of ticket brokers and it can be hard to find a reputable ticket broker. So if you are looking for tickets to a hot concert and want discount prices and reputable brokers check out the list below.

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1 Lucky Duck Tickets

Used Lucky Duck Tickets to purchase a last minute ticket to a concert. Was extremely pleased with Lucky Duck. They had what I wanted and didn't pay an arm and a leg for a popular concert. Will definitely be back. They have a huge selection of tickets. They also have sporting events and theater tickets. - jcsjcs

Lucky Duck was awesome. A group of friends were going to Journey...I wanted to join them. Tried to buy tickets direct but they were sold out. A friend referred me to Lucky Duck Tickets where I found tickets. I was a Lucky Duck! Bought my tickets a day before the show and had a blast!

This place has a great selection and reasonable prices. Sometimes below face value. Never saw that b4 - TomTom

Love this site. Great prices and huge selection. They always seem to have what I want. - JumpinJack

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2 Ticket Lodge

My go to place for concert tickets. Also have front row or the VIP seats no one else seems to have!

This site has a great selection of all hot concert tickets. Easy to find what you're looking for. - jcsjcs

No better place to get tickets for any event..including concerts. Better prices than Stubhub!

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3 TicketMaster

Of course an obvious avenue but sometimes their service charges can be a tad high. - jcsjcs

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4 Tickifieds

Great Site for ticket Classifieds. Great selection - jcsjcs

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5 MetroSeats Visit Website9

Found the lowest prices online for Hamilton tickets on Broadway. I spent several days comparing pricing on countless sites and found their prices to be the lowest. Tickets were received promptly and my family was incredibly surprised on our recent trip to NYC. - SpencerSeaman

Ordered One Direction tickets as a surprise Christmas present for my daughter. Looked for a long time for the best prices online for 1D tickets in Dallas at AT&T Stadium.

Always come to this site first when I order tickets for concerts. Usually find that their prices are at least $10-15 lower than the "big guys"

Recently ordered Radio City Christmas Spectacular tickets from this site. Their prices were the lowest I found online on Rockettes tickets!

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9 FanSnap Visit Website9
10 Ticodo Visit Website9

The Contenders

11 TicketsSpectacular
14 CoastToCoastTickets
15 TicketsTeam
16 Ticketstub

Always great selection when it comes to popular concerts, and the best site for tickets to sold out concerts! - j3sinclair

17 Aventrix

Cheaper than most other places.

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