This is a crazy list

Spell binding Rock Concerts like The Wall - Live in Berlin, AC/DC in donington 1991, The Who in woodstock 1969, Pulse are rated very poorly - I am not surprised as this could be due to the shift in taste or the inferior technology of recordings during the early days - and only the people who have attended those shows can really tell you the fact. Younger generations of today have missed a lot on the Rock and Roll music fronts as in comparision to the youngsters of the 70s, 80s & 90s. Today music is rather manufactured and not played. There is so much of technology which has improved the way music can be played...yet to my dismay - I can't find much music coming up in the past decade - what a shame. The Rock and Roll creativity and culture is all dying a slow but sure death. Now a days you call them all Classics. I would like to see ratings of concerts, albums, songs from those who have heard or seen atleast a 4 decades of Rock music - the list will be completely different.