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The best rock, jazz, R&B, etc. performances in history, including TV shows, concerts, festivals and such.

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41 Guns N Roses (Tokyo 1992)

Best live performance. Patience is the best.

Why isn't this concert on top

Guns N�' Roses are best showmen. - Jaroslav-Lokomotíva

GUNS at their highest, maybe RITZ live 88' launch them and is more representative of the band with its rage and electric atmosphere but livein Tokyo, adding with chorists, keyboards and jazz line offer us a incredible perf!
Axl is crossing all the stage during 3 hours wtout lose his amazing voice
Slash, as usually, is on fire and is simply the best.
Duff, him at his down with drug, is although punk stle
Gilby Clarke and Matt Sorum, Rhythm section make the job
A great show, a great band, great energy, mythic songs which are best live than stusios!

42 Muse (Wembley 2007)

This was the first sellout in the new wembley stadium, and was awesome and fantastic! They made a cd and dvd for the two nights Muse was there! A great concert and one all Muse fans wanted to attend. Listen to it an vote! - noisyboy43

To be honest this concert is a lot beter than some of the ones that are in the top of this list, it was so unique and it should be on the top of the list at least on the first ones. This concert rocks specially the last part of Stockholm Syndrome it was so phenomenal! If you love rock you can't miss this concert, SERIOUSLY

Muse make wembley rocks... best ever live performance.. why this band on this stage.. THEY WILL NOT CONTROL US... WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS.. SO COME ON!

Bellamy is a genius. I could listen to him wail his falsetto all night. I can never get past the first cut on the DVD! (It's not just kid stuff, I'm 82. )

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43 AC/DC (1978 Hammmersmith Odeon If You Want Blood Tour)

This should be higher up on the list! It AC/DC at their peak!

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44 Jean Michel Jarre (Moscow 1997)

The largest concert ever performed, in terms of estimated attendance - 3,500,000. - Metal_Treasure

45 Allman Brothers Live at Fillmore East

Peoples jaws dropped at the unbelievable performance of Duane and the rest of this magnificent performance.

Greatest live show ever. They could actually improvise their music and make long interesting jams on the spot.

46 Cheap Trick (Tokyo, April 1978)

Where the legendary live album "At Budokan" was made and broke Cheap Trick open internationally. - FearlessFreep

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47 Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax (Sonisphere 2010)

I was there in Bucharest!
First Day : Manowar
Second Day : Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica
Third Day : Alice in Chains, Mastodon, Rammstein
Just AMAZING, the crowd was singing and jumping everywhere...

48 Green Day (Milton Kynes, England)

A fantastic setlist which showed off (at the time) their new songs which were cound to be classics fantastically and some amazing classics which every Green Day fan knows and loves. Brilliant crowd interaction, despite there being 65000 people at once, Green Day managed to still connect and interact with the audience. Also, Billie Joe Armstrong kept showing his arse which earns them brownie points in my book. The transition from King For A Day to Shout was also a great thing to hear and a great decision from the band themselves.

Green Day is way better than queen, way better than linkin park, their seriously no comparison! I been to a link in park concert and a Green Day concert! Green Day is the best live performer I have seen and I have seen a lot of bands! They were so great, they became my favorite band instantly, after I seen how rock legends do it!

AMAZING concert! I wish with all my heart I could've been there... They played to a massive crowd and kicked some serious ass! Green Day absolutely rocks, that's all there is to it

They would destroy any of these other bands live, trust me... seen majority of them! but I guess old people will never learn new tricks, I mean new bands

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49 Red Hot Chili Peppers (Slane Castle 2003)

Best concert I've ever watched. Chad Smith is the most stellar drummer of our time. Flea is an unparalleled bassist. Frusciante was at his prime. And Kiedis sings on point (rare). Best performance I've seen.

This is quite simply musical perfection, and I cannot think of another moment in time I wish I had been at more.

Unbelievable show, easily the best show the Chili Peppers have done, truly a magical performance by a number of measures. Which I could've been there

Simply perfect!

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50 K.S. Chithra (Dubai 2007)

Brilleint Show
Chithra performance is nice

It was a wonderful show

51 Eminem (New York 2005)

Best live perfonmance ever. - fatihfurkanu00c7olakou011flu

Em's always great

52 Evanescence (Le Zenith, Paris 2004)

My Immortal was the best performance! Especially, when the crowd sang along with her! Also, Bring Me To Life! WoW! Very powerful. Overall, that night Amy and the band sounded "GREAT"

53 The Beatles (Shea Stadium 1965)

Historically the most important concert in the history of rock music.

The greatest show of the sixties. Need to know, they had only 100 watt Vox amplifiers then.

The beginning and the escalation of live concerts to all bands.
AND they had so much fun on stage to the noise normally reserved for football.

54 Iron Maiden (Long Beach Arena 1985)

This list is a joke, all these pathetic bands above the Gods of Metal. Iron Maiden are the hardest working band ever, and their being pushed aside by these crummy bands.

55 Elton John (Sydney Entertainment Centre 2006)

Can I feel it coming in the air tonight yes I can because I love Elton john

56 Guns N' Roses (The Ritz 1988)
57 Robbie Williams (Knebworth: What We Did Last Summer 2003)

An unforgettable concert, this man created for the stage

The best concer ever

For the, the best in the history!

Best ever

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58 Led Zeppelin (Knebworth 1979)

Best led Zeppelin concert ever. I watched it on YouTube and it is the best concert I have ever seen. Everyone was at they'r finest here. Robert plant had rested his voice and sounded like he did in 69-72 when his voice was at his finest unlike when he was overworked in 73-77 in the later years of the band 1978-80 he was rested more between concerts and his voice was more developed so he is at his finest. Jimmy page is rocks as good as ever here and as usual has 100% accuracy. Jimmy also has an amazing guttier solo.

One of the best bands ever. Plant sounds like in his old days and Bonham, Page and Jones play like they always played, pure awesomeness.

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59 Beyonce (the Beyonce Experience)

Because it's Queen B! Nothing more left to say... She's just a goddess, has the best voice of the singers at the moment and always stays who she is. She has great songs and her performances are perfect. She has wonderful older songs and great new ones - she's just the Queen!

she is amazing at performing live and she is in my opinion the most beautiful women alive, none can dance like her whilst singing at the same time :D Go Beyonce you've got my vote all the way xxxxx

Because she was so amazing and spectacular... The whole thing was done great! The production, costumes, the music, and the choreography was so energetic...
Beyonce makes every people on the concert alive! Wo ho the Beyonce I AM TOUR is more beautiful!

Check her formation world tour now 🙏

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60 Queen (Live Aid 1985)

20 minutes that changes music. How this is ranked so low?!?!?

How the hell is this not number 1?


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