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61 Linkin Park (Summer Sonic 2009) V 1 Comment
62 Gary Moore Wild Frontier live at Montreaux 1987
63 Nirvana (Live in New York)

How can you listen to this concert and not instantly love it? Some of Nirvana's best work, needs to be in the top 20, at the least.

this song won a grammy, Nirvana's only grammy

First, whoever made this list loves linkin park way too much. But this preformance is one of the best in music history. This and RHCP at slane castle - proxYgen

One of the best

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64 Pearl Jam (Pinkpop 1992)

So great and never seen camera diving like this before. The interview after the concert with Eddie Vedder is also great...

If you think your a Pearl Jam fan then I suggest that you watch videos of this performance. This is grunge at it's best.

Should be in the top 10, because it's Pearl Jam at it's best! Eddie Vedder going crazy, Dave A behind the kit, Mike McCready comes ALIVE, Jeff Ament runs like a chicken with its head cut off and never misses a note, and Stone Gossard, like always, is just smooth, calm and jamming out classic, rock hall of fame worthy, rock.

Best live energy ever, no other show comes close

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65 Bruce Springsteen (The Bottom Line 1975)

Bruce Springsteen was great 1975 and he is still a great performer today 36 years later. I dare say, nobody in the history of popular music can match that.

On July 19, 1988, Springsteen held a concert in East Germany that attracted 300,000 spectators. Journalist Erik Kirschbaum has called the concert "the most important rock concert ever, anywhere", in his 2013 book Rocking the Wall. Bruce Springsteen: The Berlin Concert That Changed the World. I year later the wall was down. This is the most important concert ever

If its Bruce Springsteen, everything just make me feels great

Went to Bruce Springsteen last night. Him and his E Street band are amazing.

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66 Michael Jackson (Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever 1983)

the first public performance when he did the moonwalk. The next day at school even the hard core rockers were in awe and had to admit that they were blown away. Will never forget this moment.

The end of Motown (jacksons) the beginning of The Michael Jackson. When pop had a king.

Not only Michael Jackson but the whole concert is just unforgettable

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67 Timbaland (MTV Video Music Awards 2007)

With help from Nelly Furtado, Keri Hilson, Justin Timberlake, D.O.E. and Sebastian, Timbaland created magic. Awesome!

68 AC/DC (Donington Park 1991)

The Best Rock concert ever. All the best songs and Brian Johnson on the singer role. And great solos. And audience was huge.

Nr. 47?
This concert should be in the top 15
It's just 2 full hours of PURE Damn good rock
Amazing brian voice and angus is simply the best
Sorry for bad english I am from the netherlands and 14 years old

Best concert ever it rocks with all of their things set up like the giant head, giant rosie, and giant bell an amazing concert that should be #1

This should be under the Top 20! Nonstop Power from beginning to end with AC-DC in their Prime! Incredible Sound and an unbelievable Show!

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69 HIM (Digital Versatile Doom - Live at the Orpheum Theatre - 2008)
70 Daft Punk (Alive 2007)

Great performance, live remixes, and a Grammy for this album. And to top it all off, the amazing encore performance of Human After All/Together/Music Sounds Better with You/One More Time/Aerodynamic. Once you listen to this, you will understand why this needs to be higher on the list.

Amazing concert, new remix created just for the event and even better than the original music.

Should be higher but at least it is the highest Electronic Act which is where it should be.

No one even close to this live. this live change the game in music

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71 U2 (Madison Square Garden 2002)

I have seen them 3 times live. They put on some show.

72 The Who (Leeds 1970)

One of the best live albums of all time. Should be way higher on this list

73 D'erlanger - Rose Tinted View (Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo 2007)

comeback concert of derlanger, I have a download copy of it. amazing - ronluna

74 Foo Figters (Live at Wembley Stadium 2008)

One of the best live sound bands... Their songs give you energy, not to mention that dave is one awesome guy wait the whole thing is awesome

Great show, surprise appearence by jimmy page and john paul jones at the end

75 Rammstein (Live aus Berlin 1998)

Rammstein is a band that is actually better in concert. That paired with their amazing pyrotechnics leave little to wonder at.

In my opinion, Rammstein is one of the greatest bands ever with practicaly every song of theirs being unique in its own way and they are definitely the greatest band live. Their music has transcended any perceived language barrier out there.

76 Rush (Exit...Stage Left)

the best concert of all time, including progressive rock anthems such as 'tom sawyer' and 'closer to the heart'.

Why isn't this higher on the list? This and Rush in Rio should be in the top 10 for sure! - Medmac

Even though I prefer newer concerts, this one tops the charts.

77 Bon Jovi (Giants Stadium New Jersey 2001)

great concert!
3 night show - richie4life

78 Nirvana (Live at Reading 1992)

I was there - those muppets were boring and we were ripped off, I can remember the sound and the stag performance was no better than band that just played together for the first time.

Just the chills it sends down your spine from beginning to end make it an unforgettable performance.

Awesome from beginning to end :D Kurt even plays Star Sprangled Banner - nivvAna

Nirvana just banged the whole city... Ausome festival by Nirvana. Thanks to kurt Cobain, the grudge god

79 Madonna (Confession Tour 2006)

My girlfriend made me go to one of her shows a few years ago. By far the worst concert I was ever at and the shortest performance by a headline act I have ever seen (while we were slowly making our way home we could see her helicopter leaving 10 minutes after show) My girlfriend apologised after it was so crap.

Epic like always. I doubt any artist can deliver great concert like Madonna.

Her concerts are fantastic! Her Blond Ambition Tour is a revolutionary concert.

Flawless production and performance. Her best concert hands down.

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80 Coldplay (Rock in Rio 2011)

Most entertaining group, who have produced great music.

Very entertaining!

Fix you is great

COLDPLAY ANYWHERE, best concert ever!

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