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81 Rammstein (Live aus Berlin 1998)

Rammstein is a band that is actually better in concert. That paired with their amazing pyrotechnics leave little to wonder at.

In my opinion, Rammstein is one of the greatest bands ever with practicaly every song of theirs being unique in its own way and they are definitely the greatest band live. Their music has transcended any perceived language barrier out there.

82 Rush (Exit...Stage Left)

the best concert of all time, including progressive rock anthems such as 'tom sawyer' and 'closer to the heart'.

Even though I prefer newer concerts, this one tops the charts.

83 Bon Jovi (Giants Stadium New Jersey 2001)

great concert!
3 night show - richie4life

84 Madonna (Confession Tour 2006)

My girlfriend made me go to one of her shows a few years ago. By far the worst concert I was ever at and the shortest performance by a headline act I have ever seen (while we were slowly making our way home we could see her helicopter leaving 10 minutes after show) My girlfriend apologised after it was so crap.

Epic like always. I doubt any artist can deliver great concert like Madonna.

Her concerts are fantastic! Her Blond Ambition Tour is a revolutionary concert.

Flawless production and performance. Her best concert hands down.

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85 Nirvana (Live at Reading 1992)

I was there - those muppets were boring and we were ripped off, I can remember the sound and the stag performance was no better than band that just played together for the first time.

Just the chills it sends down your spine from beginning to end make it an unforgettable performance.

Awesome from beginning to end :D Kurt even plays Star Sprangled Banner - nivvAna

Nirvana just banged the whole city... Ausome festival by Nirvana. Thanks to kurt Cobain, the grudge god

86 Coldplay (Rock in Rio 2011)

Most entertaining group, who have produced great music.

Very entertaining!

Fix you is great

COLDPLAY ANYWHERE, best concert ever!

87 Gladys Knight (VH1 Divas Live)
88 Bob Seger (Cobo Hall 1975)

Seger in his prime recorded in front of his hometown Detroit rock fans

89 AC/DC (Live at River Plate 2009)

The Rock veterans came back and showed everyone how the big boys do it. This is one hell of a concert, amazing crowd combined with an amazing band!

This is my favourite live performance come on just 103?

The energy! It's a lesson worth learning...

Best concert ever, period. - SSchirm

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90 Jimi Hendrix (Woodstock 1969)

Because he performed star spangled banner

91 Michael Jackson (Super Bowl XXVII Halftime Show 1993)

Michael is still the best of all I love you mj danish

Can't stop watching it when I start. RIP King of Pop.

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92 The Who (The Kids Are Alright 1979)

THE BEST rock performance in history by a single act, well maybe with the exception of L Z - slacker121234

93 K.S.Chithra (Royal Albert Hall)
94 Jackie Evancho ("Awakening" TV Special, Longwood Gardens, 2014)

This was a lovely, funny, focused, professional and completely mesmerizing performance by teenager Jackie in a lush, natural environment. All new material, too! - BobG

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95 311 (311 Day 2004)

68 songs... 5 hours long... great show

96 John Mayer (Where The Light Is, Live in LA 2008)

"Free Fallin'" was absolutely unreal. Should be number 1 in my opinion

In my opinion, the best live performance I have ever seen!

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97 The Doors (Hollywood Bowl 1968)

One of the best concerts of the Doors. Lysergic frontman Jim Morrison on fire and good work from the band. Unbeliable The End version

98 The Rolling Stones (Hyde Park, 1969)

One of the best free concerts ever

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99 The Band: The Last Waltz (Winterland 1976) The Band: The Last Waltz (Winterland 1976) The Band was a Canadian-American roots rock group formed in 1965 . Which originally consisting of Rick Danko (bass guitar, double bass, fiddle, vocals), Levon Helm (drums, mandolin, guitar, vocals), Garth Hudson (keyboards, saxophones, trumpet), Richard Manuel (piano, drums, vocals) and Robbie Robertson more.

I saw the special on PBS years ago and just fell in love with The Band. Their music was incredible, just so real and down to earth. You can tell by the who's who of musicians at the time that showed up to perform with them that they were highly appreciated by their piers.

How can this be so far down the's top 10 if not top 5 easy!

It's primarily due to ignorance, as well as the age group, exposure and preferences of most of the users on the site. - Billyv

There's a video of the whole concert (over 4 hours) that shouldn't be missed - Billyv

It would have been amazing to have been there.

100 Elton John (The Troubadour 1970)
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