Top Ten Confusing Things We Don't Know In Life

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1 Why I keep moving without noticing


2 How stubbing a toe is more painful than getting whacked by a ball

Both Hurt but stubbing your toe is painful and annoying if it starts to happen quite often!

When I was in junior high I stubbed my pinky toe at least 20 times it hurt a lot! - Curti2594

Well, stubbing a toe really hurts a lot. - Kiteretsunu

Getting whacked by a ball: Ow. Stubbing your toe:*EXPLOSIONS*

3 Why can't friends stop sending me games
4 How you're able to trip yourself on a flat surface

You trip over your own shoe. Happens to me a lot when I'm going through a growth spurt. - funnyuser

5 Why we get up so early at school days when sleeping is important

Which is why school should start at at least 10:00 - PizzaGuy

I think about this all the time. - funnyuser

That is a good point.

6 How shoelaces always becomes untied

When lifting a foot while walking, a person's foot gives upward pressure to the upper part of the shoes (where the shoe laces are present). If that pressure is given periodically because of walking, it's natural the shoelaces will get untied. - Kiteretsunu

7 How come crisp packets are filled with more air than crisps

So the company can get more money. - funnyuser

8 How come pizza goes in a square box

Simply so it can be manufactured as a single flat piece of cardboard.

9 How your earphones get tangled

Due to the law of entropy, the probabity of earphones being in tangled state is very high. - Kiteretsunu

10 How your room gets messy

I always make my room messy- quick- I throw my clothes everywhere. I pick out something to wear the next morning. I put it on my bed. it falls off my bed while I sleep. I pick something else in the morning. repeats for ever. - funnyuser

The law of entropy will explain this too with some help from a person's clumsiness. - Kiteretsunu

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11 The Meaning of Life

The greatest mystery in the world - CommentandList

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