Top 10 Consequences of Global Warming If We Do Nothing


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1 Sea Level Rise

Ah! I like trains...

I'm particularly worried about the Netherlands, I mean, now it is quite safe, but in a few years time, Amsterdam could be underwater! (Same applies to most of the well known cities in the world)

Arctic ice will melt and the sea level will rise
Flooding our towns and city's on the coast line

This list is retarded. Global warming is a scam designed to suck money right out of your pockets! - AGK

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2 More Cities In 100 Temperature

Revelation 16:8-9 The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun. The sun was given power to burn the people with fire. The people were burned by the great heat. THE GLOBAL WARMING WAS PREDICTED!

The sun isn't causing global warming. Air pollution and increased reliance on fossil fuels are. The bible is fiction. - Caleb9000

3 Death of Millions of People

As wars are fought over water and food, and the rise in average temperature,
Also larger and larger hurricanes that cause floods. It all adds up. - westofohio

I think this is not the only thing that happen we have to read the bible

4 Drought

Revelation 16:12 The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the river Euphrates.
The water in the river was dried up.

5 Extinction of Polar Bears

I saw a documentary of global warming at the aquarium, it was so sad, the whales and polar bears WERE DYING, GOSH!

6 Wars Over Water
7 Famine

Starving-as it was predicted in the Bible, Revelation 6:7-8 the fourth seal

In the book of Matthew 24:7 Our Lord Jesu Christ has predicted famine

8 Early Migration of Pests
9 Millions of Refugees Fleeing to Rich Countries

This is the big one

10 Global Warming May Increase Terrorism

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11 Sahara Desert May Become Green
12 London May Disappear Underwater by 2100
13 The Maldives May Be Submerged
14 Desertion of Las Vegas
15 Great Barrier Reef May Be Gone In 20 Years
16 Amazon Rain Forest May Turn Into a Desert
17 Hurricanes May Become More Devastating Than Katrina
18 Animals May Shrink
19 2,000 Indonesian Islands May Disappear
20 The Alps May Melt Completely
21 The Western Part of Netherlands May Disappear Underwater
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