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Woah, this is like the first video game list I have done it at least a month, so we should continue with some video game lists now. On December 22nd, of 2017 Mario Party: The Top 100 was released in Europe and Australia, a handheld game in the Mario Party series. I wasn't too excited about it seeing as how lackluster it looked like, fortunately there are already a lot of excellent Mario Parties, mainly for the consoles! Without further ado, let's start!

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1 Mario Party 10

Many people hate this one the most in the franchise. I can agree it feels a bit lackluster and has tons of flaws, as opposed to Mario Party 9, but ignoring the flaws, you can truly appreciate this game as well. This game is a sequel to Mario Party 9 as it keeps the car formula in which everyone moves at once, and I find it to be as fun as in that game. Now I think we should look at its flaws first. Unlike in Mario Party 9, this game had no story mode which made it a bit boring, I mean sure you still unlock characters in your roster, but you don't complete the story mode to do that, you buy them with party points, this removes some of the charm, as you just need to complete a few boards to buy them, sad. This game, also only had five boards which isn't that much, luckily they are all great. This game also has tons of great things though, such as two new modes! Amiibo Party and Bowser Party. Amiibo Party is what others like to call "bare bones of classic Mario party". So you ...more - darthvadern

I do not hate it. I found it decent. - TriggerTrashKid

2 Mario Party 4

This is the Mario Party I haven't played yet that I have studied the least about. So from what I have heard, this game is home to one of the most loved Mario Party minigames of all time: Booksquirm, however outside of that this game seems fairly bland and boring. The boards all look the same but with a different colour, and shape of the board I guess. But overall this one looks boring. - darthvadern

3 Super Mario Party

Many people say this is one of the greatest mario party games to date, and I am so anticipated to try it out, keep in mind when I do get it you have to look at my remix for more info about the game. So I have been trying to keep myself away from news about the game as I do not want to get spoiled, but from what I have accidently been reading, I heard a few flaws. You can't play this in handheld mode, you have to use the T.V. to be able to play it, which seems dissapointing but I do not mind it that much, I hope I won't. I have heard that the minigames are quite awesome as well. I am anticipated to try this game out. - darthvadern

I used to hate this one. But, after I saw some gameplays, I changed my mind. - TriggerTrashKid

4 Mario Party 7

Mario Party 7 is the most fun of the gamecube mario parties that I have played. Yeah, I have only played Mario Party 5 and 7 when it comes to gamecube mario party games. Speaking of, I will have the games I have played at the top, and later down on the list there will be games I have't played but I will judge them frmo what I have studied about them. This one's the most fun though, especially compared to Mario Party 5 which was just dissapointing at best. One of the many great things about Mario Party 7 has got to be the boards which are all fun and unique and offer different feelings (whel Bowser's Enchanted Inferno was bad but it's the only one). I mean, Pagoda Peak is a chinese mountain in which you climb to the top and we have awesomne chinese music, there's Neon Heights which is a hollywood based board with ons of skyscraper och movie elements, and so on! The boards really outshine in this game the rest. The minigames, while unfortuanely not as good as its succesors, are still ...more - darthvadern

5 Mario Party 9

To keep this list high-quality I will brag about how much I love this game, you may skip to read my comment for this item but I will keep this list high-quality. So yeah. This was the last Mario Party game on the Wii and it revolutionized Mario Party as whole. The first nine games (Don't forget Mario Party DS) had all a formula. You roll the dice, move, wait for something to happen, rivals turn, minigame, repeat, for 10+ rounds. It was fun, but repetitive it gets, and it went on for nine games. You can tell they put a lot of effort into this game as it was released four years after Mario Party DS, and it shows. The graphics are astounding and a huge improvment over Mario Party 8 (which also was for the Wii) and the minigames are classic! Peak Precision, Tuber Tug and Pizza Me, Mario are some of my favourites as they require some skill, but at the same time are so fun to play! There's also some luck-based minigames such as 10 To Win which is also a fun minigame despite being ...more - darthvadern

I love this game. I loved everything about it except for pit or platter. Pit or platter is to hard and boring. But I love everything else about it. I lik le things like toad road, park precision, logger heads, and buddy bounce. I give this game infinity/10.

I'm excited to see new Mario Party working out again, this game is amazing!

6 Mario Party 3

So out of the rather mediocre mario party games on the Nintendo 64, I can safely say that this game looks the most impressive of them and the only one I think looks quite good. So after the rather lazy sequel the original got, the second sequel has tons of cool features. For once, this is the first game in the series to have save files, thankfully. I don't know why the first two games didn't have it. Anyway, this game even introduced two new characters to the roster: Waluigi and Daisy. The minigames are actually new this time around as well and not just for the most part copied and pasted from the original game, which was a huge problem Mario Party 2 had. Even the boards are quite cool. Chilly Waters and Creepy Cavern look so original and fun to play! I believe it's the best Mario Party for the Nintendo 64. - darthvadern

This game has been the most important Mario Party game for me so it gets my vote.

7 Mario Party 8

Yes, I think Mario Party 8 is the best of the classic mario parties, or as I call them: The old mario parties. This was the last console mario party that had the classic formula that I explained above in Mario Party 9, you roll dice, move, wait for something, enemy turn, minigame, repeat. I think this game handled the formula the best as it wasn't that boring. In most of the older mario parties this formula felt like it dragged on for so long, but it someone is more exciting in this game. I think it is so because the boards were very exciting and gave some sort of sense of adventure. I feel like the colour variety is larger in this game as it looks prettier to look at that the other classic mario parties. This game introduced these candies too, you eat them and something happens depending on what candy you ate. There's for example vampire candy in which you can steal coins from other players, and there's Bullet Bill candy in which you can steal stars from other players, and so on! I ...more - darthvadern

8 Mario Party 5

Of the games I have played, Mario Party 5 is easly the weakest. If you ask me, this game was forgettable if anything. I did enjoy it, but it's certainly one of the most boring and forgettable mario parties to date. One of the reasons is probably that I found pretty much all minigames and boards to be boring to an extreme, and let's not forget the word to describe this game: forgettable. I only remembered like three minigames (Defuse or Lose, Frozen Frenzy and Panic Pinball) that I actually really liked, especially Frozen Frenzy, but that's it. Even the boards feel uninspired. So this game is centered around dreams, so all the boards have something to do with dreams, there's Toy Dream, Underwater Dream, Pirate Dream, and so on. Keep in mind that those are the only boards I liked in the game, the rest, oh gods are they boring. Rainbow Dream is just some boring islands in the sky, and Future Dream, do not even get me started on that mostrosity, it's so stale, and bland, and boring! Just ...more - darthvadern

9 Mario Party 6

So this is a game I haven't played yet, and same goes for Mario Party, 2, 3, 4 and Super (so far). This game in my opinion from what I have seen, looks like it's the best gamecube mario party to date. I think one of the reasons is the fact that this game introduced the gamecube mic, which would later be used in Mario Party 7 as well. With this thing, you can play different minigames that require you to talk to the mic, such as saying "go" and so on. I love it, and it feels so comfortable to hold as well, it's small, but big, and feels so smooth to hold. The gimmick of this game is that on every board, every third turn, the board wil go from day to night. Now that is such a genius feature that's so original (yes I know Mario Party 2 technically had that feature before, but that only was on one board, which was Horror Land, Mario Party 6 had thys cycle on every board). This game's solo mode is quite unique as well, as you actually do not paly on the standard boards in solo mode, but ...more - darthvadern

10 Mario Party 2

Well how would I describe one of the most unoriginal mario parties ever? Many people claim this one to be the best of the franchise but I honestly think it seems pretty overrated. About half of the minigames from what I've heard are copied and pasted from the original, and the roster is the same as well. All the boards have different themes, and one unique thing about the game is that every character has different costumes depending on what board they are playing. I can understand if peopel love it, but I overall find this game just uninteresting. - darthvadern

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11 Mario Party
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