Top Ten Conspiracy Theories in American History

The Top Ten Conspiracy Theories in American History

1 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

I think this was a minor version of the purge. The purge is about killing off a huge part of the country and making more room (thus explaining the no crime for 12 hours). So I think this was staged by the government to kill off a lot of people, at this time we were having money issues and I think they did this just so there's less people

This country will do anything for the love of money!

The Simpsons 90s episodes.

2 JFK Assassination
3 Moon Landing

It did happen you just want to think the Tower of Babel existed.

4 Area 51
5 Global Warming Hoax
6 Death of Osama bin Laden
7 Elvis Fakes Own Death

What he voiced Johnny Bravo and they lied about who they said it was.

wasn't he spotted at a hotel?

He loses weight, and is supposedly I dunno how old he would be, is still alive.

8 Attack on Pearl Harbor

They certainly knew about the attack before it happened.


9 AIDS virus
10 Roswell

Its Roswell High!

The Contenders

11 The Russian Collusion

Even after the mueller report prove it was faked, they still believe it - Weirdest-thing

12 Weapons of Mass Destruction

I think this is what's at area 51

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