Top Ten Contestants on The Boulet Brothers' Dragula

"The Boulet Brothers' Dragula" is a reality competition television series produced by Boulet Brothers Productions in association with OutTV. The series is created and hosted by the Boulet Brothers, who challenge different drag artists from around the world to compete in an underground style drag competition each season. The artists compete for the chance to win a cash prize and the crown of "Dragula - the World’s Next Drag Supermonster". The show celebrates underground and alternative drag art, and bases each episode's challenges on the four principles of the show - "Drag", "Filth", "Horror" and "Glamour".

The Top Ten

Vander Von Odd
Biqtch Puddin'
Landon Cider
Dollya Black
Victoria Elizabeth Black
Louisianna Purchase
Melissa Befierce
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