Top Ten Contestants Who Should Have Competed In Total Drama All Stars

The character picking for tdas was let's face it a massive bag of complete shit

The Top Ten

1 Owen

I'm not really an Owen fan but if I'm not mistaken didn't he win a season and compete in the most episodes ever? He was should've replaced Sam - Shartfart

Owen should've definitely returned. He made it very far in all seasons and he could've easily replaced Lindsay

2 Izzy

Izzy is a good charecter and competed in a good numer of episodes since she was wanted by the police she'd be a total villain she would probably replace lightning - Shartfart

3 Beth

Again she was a winner wasn't she that seems like a good all star she would be a hero and probably replace Courtney - Shartfart

4 Noah

Even though he's barley competed everyone likes him and Chris would probably think that would get him more views so... He would be on the villains and replace Jo - Shartfart

5 Dawn

While only competing in 5 episodes she was definitely interesting and I'd like to see more development in her she would be on the heros team and replace Cameron - Shartfart

6 Trent
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