Best Continents to Go On Vacation

The Top Ten

1 Europe

The europeans countries are excellent for tourism!

2 South America
3 Australia

Australia is a country. Oceania is the continent. - ParasN2000

Aww out of all the continents, 2nd. You are all too kind. I love in Australia. It's a pretty nice place :) I wish I could travel the world though... - Ninja_Potato123

4 Asia

My sister and I are THE ONLY 2 PEOPLE IN MY ENTIRE FAMILY who have never been to Asia.

5 North America

Except for a trip to Bermuda in 2016, I have NEVER EVER left the continent of North America in my life, EVER.

My continent. It is a great one. - EpicJake

I think this should be second, Canada and the USA have some of the world's most interesting landmarks, Cuba and Mexico havethe best beaches

6 Antarctica

Unless you like being an snowman, it's not the best place for a vacation.

Not the best continent to go for a vacation. Its too cold there. - cosmo

Sounds like the best vacation ever. Just kidding. - RalphBob

No thanks! I don't like the cold! - nintendofan126

7 Africa

I'm sad this is on but lowerthe list did a racist put this on the list so down

Please, someone tell me how Africa is below Antarctica?