Most Controversial Breakfast Cereals of All Time

The Top Ten

1 Frosted Flakes

The page of Tony the tiger on Twitter was accumulated with sexual praises by the furries community, getting them to say that the character was very perverted for the children but everything was clarified when a manager of the character declared to block said community. - YanRocky

Holy crap I just went to the Frosted Flake Twitter, and it's hilarious. - Drawbox

Why are all these controversial? - clusium

All this involves Twitter, where a community sexually messaging the pet of the product, putting the character on the ground thank God everything then clarified. - YanRocky

People get offended over everything these days. - B1ueNew

2 Franken Berry

This product made you poop pink cairns but then the controversy ended when they realized that it was not toxic - YanRocky

3 Elijah's Manna

What a good name

People started to complain that the name of the product was religiously biblical, then the company changed the name to Post Toasties. - YanRocky

4 Cap'n Crunch

Ironically, the fact that Cap'n Crunch has 3 stripes on his sleeves implies that he is a Navy commander, rather than a captain. I don't see how that could cause a controversy, however. - Rocko

You are absolutely right but it turned into a controversy that even in the same newsletter they reported it. - YanRocky

This controversy is absurd, a food blogger said that Cap' Crunch was not a captain because he lacked medals but he said yes because his captaincy did not belong to the United States - YanRocky

5 Spider-Man (Ralston) Cereal

The Spiderman cereal came with mercury batteries that caused harm to the children but they stopped selling them - YanRocky

6 Kashi Cereal

The product claims to be completely natural but there were pesticides in its ingredients, so the company lost a great demand that stopped selling products - YanRocky

7 Frosted Mini Wheats

Supposedly they said in a commercial that this product increased a child's attention span by 18 percent but it seems that all this was false that a author demanded the company by millions - YanRocky

8 Cheerios

This company made two ads where there was an interracial couple where it became controversial, the company deleted the ads to avoid problems but for me people are stupid - YanRocky

9 Froot Loops

The company Toucan Golf Inc sued Froot Loops for copying their toucan but the demand was destroyed and both companies left to have their toucans - YanRocky

10 Flutie Flakes

This happened in a game of American Football, when the Miami Dolphins beat the Buffalo Bills who promoted this product when they started to step on the same product that helped an autism foundation and that became very controversial - YanRocky

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