Most Controversial Cartoon Episodes

Cartoon episodes that caused a lot of controversy and garnered negative reception leading to most of them being banned.

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Electric Soldier Porygon From Pokemon

The international dubbing has made several edits. They could've easily removed the flashing lights and replace them with a single color (white or yellow) lightning bolt as they used to do in other episodes. Really, they didn't need to ban a 22 minute episode for a 3 second moment that could have easily been edited.

Ironically even though Pikachu was the one responsible for the effect they never again showed Porygon on an episode of Pokemon.

It caused seizures so bad, over 600 Japanese people had to be sent to the hospital. Apart from being banned from television after it's one airing, this caused the show to stop airing for four months.

Porygon's special ability had flashing lights with caused seizures so bad, More than 600 Japanese people had to be rushed to the hospital.

Rude Removal From Dexter's Labatory

The swearing in this one was edgy but it shouldn't be taken seriously because many other children's cartoons had episodes using the same method, such as SpongeBob, Powerpuff Girls, Rugrats, and Tiny Toon Adventures. The title card for Rude Removal goes a bit beyond that, though, showing Dee Dee holding up the middle finger

Was banned due to the constant use of profanity

This happens to be my favorite episode from Dexter's Laboratory. But what is shocking to me is for kids and they swearing going around this episode and never aired. But, SpongeBob did it too and they did aired it and it's still getting aired on T.V..

That's because in Dexter's Laboratory, it was clear what they were saying - PeeledBanana

Dexter has a Potty Mouth. Enough said.

Man's Best Friend From The Ren & Stimpy Show

I am a big fan of the Ren and Stimpy Show (I watch full episodes online), so I was interested in hearing about their banned episode. But what the heck was this?! Tobacco references were all over the place, but what really got it banned was the scene where Ren beats his owner with a paddle. It was INCREDIBLY violent and definitely went too far for a kid show.

I don't understand why Nickelodeon banned Ren and Stimpy because of this episode... Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network are MUCH worse than this now and Ren and Stimpy have worse episodes than this one. Like Ren's Pecs, where they actually show blood during Ren's operation.

I don't know why it was banned. I mean, there was no blood in it at all.

I keep hearing that it was banned due to an Episode where it showed Ren beating his owner with a Paddle, then turning to Stimpy and announcing that he was next.

Reminds me very much about my Ex-Wife and me on date night.

200 From South Park

Along with the second Part 201 was controversial mainly because once again the shows creators had the Prophet Muhammad involved in the story line both Parker and Stone received threats from the Revolution Muslim.

The prophet Muhammad was involved in the plot and Trey and Matt received death threats from an Islamic Terrorist Group.

This is the worstthing South Park has ever done, South Park just put their worst of the worst ideas for that controversial cartoon episode.

It likes a very natzni schock jews cartmann is likes hitler

One Beer from Tiny Toon Adventures

I watched the actual episode. The episode consists of the friends getting drunk, and then driving a car down a clift.

This episode teaches a great lesson in a horrible way

Chowder: I thought this was a kids show.

They reaired it on the Hub Network.

Dark Harvest from Invader Zim

I love this show and this episode, I have it downloaded and it's amazing despite its disturbing imagery

Needs to be higher

A criminal was inspired by this episode.

Super Best Friends From South Park

You can actually get killed just for watching this episode because of the whole your not allowed to show an image of Muhammad thing which they did for the first and only time.

This is the only episode that actually shows an image of Muhammad.

Partial Terms of Endearment from Family Guy

This episode was banned in the United States because of the plot involving the subject of abortion.

Barbequor From Dexter's Labatory

This is controversial because the villain, The Silver Spooner, falls under the Camp Gay trope.

From What I heard, The Silver Spooner is depicted as a Stereotypical Homosexual.

Silver Spooner reminds of Fred Lou from Outlaw Star

This episode was actually banned because of the featured villian characters were being used without the permission of the silver surfer comics

Actually, it's because The Silver Spooner is depicted as a Gay Stereotype. - kcianciulli

Burning Clouds of Sand from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

Controversial due to an infamous scene where Kira and Flay have some X with each other

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Trapped In the Closet From South Park

Not surprisingly the shows creators came under fire from sociologist even Issac Hayes the voice of Chef quit when they refused to pull the episode.

You can blame this episode for chefs death

I think R. Kelly sued Comedy Central after this episode.

I see this episode is gay

I Dream of Jesus from Family Guy

There was also the scene where Jesus made Lois' breasts grow to massive proportions at the dinner table.

It uses the f word 7 times and the n word once.

It's probably controversial due to the cutaway where Marlee Matlin calls Moviefone and asks for The Last Mimzy and ends up getting 300 due to the announcer mishearing her due to her impaired speech. Matlin was very pissed off about the gag and led to a confrontation between her and Alex Borstein at a Seth MacFarlane roast. Matlin was hired to voice Peter's deaf co-worker, Stella.

Blame It On Lisa From The Simpsons

Unfaithful recreation of Brazil insinuating the country is full of rats, monkeys and robbers. No wonder which is one of most controversial episodes from Simpsons.

Brazil was so infuriated by the episode they actually threatened to sue Fox

It decipts Brazil terribly

Surf's Up from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Controversial due to the tsunami that happened in India at the time

This was banned because of that Tsunami, so us Americans, Canadians, and Europeans never got this episode. - Gehenna

Life of Brian from Family Guy

This isn't controversial in the sense it should be banned but controversial to fans of the show as (SPOILER ALERT) the show kills of a fan favorite, Brian.

Fans Got So Angry That They Brought Brian Back

Really upset over this episode.

Candibalism from Viva PiƱata

I'm shock that 4kids would do that!

The dance scene was a clear incest joke.

Der Fuehrer's Face from Donald Duck

Der Fuehrer's Face (also known as Donald Duck in Nutziland) is a propaganda cartoon created by Walt Disney back in WW2. It shows Donald Duck being a Nazi and works on a missle factory and somehow salutes Hitler inside the picture. But Hitler (in his voice) convinced Donald that he will be going on vacation IF he will work harder and harder then it was completely messed up until the story was just a dream. Donald hugging the Statue Of Liberty as he loves being an American.

This short did won an Oscar for Best Pictures but screw that award because the way Oscar give an accolades to Frozen.

I'm glad this won't aired on T.V..

Donald Duck is a Nazi, Enough said.

Donald duck is Nazi

Usagi's Love! The Moonlight Lights up the Galaxy from Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars
One Coarse Meal from SpongeBob SquarePants

The worst SpongeBob episode. This episode made me feel sick and disgusted that such a serious issue of suicide could be made fun of. Yes Plankton is a villain but this episode really made me feel bad for him. Whoever wrote this episode clearly was an idiot.

This one was the worst I'd ever seen. I loved Plankton even though he's a villain - mind you, when I love a movie character, it's almost always the villain I loved. But this was worse than "The Splinter" - and that was the episode which haunted my nightmares!

Hate this one. Plankton commits suicide

Plankton trying to commit suicide!

Arthur's Big Hit from Arthur

This episode was so bad that even Marc Brown, the author of the Arthur book series, hatred it.

Beauty and the Beach From Pokemon

It was the Japanese version of the episode that garnered the most controversy.

A boy had boobs

This episode is very sexcist

Extra Large Medium From Family Guy

Chris dates a girl with down syndrome and at one point she says her mother was the former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin was outraged over the episode claiming they were making fun of her son who has Down Syndrome.

I don't like sarah palin but this was just rude and sick. I hate family guy so much

The Girl with Down Syndrome was played by an actual girl with Down Syndrome.

Is the only reason for this episode being controversial because of that girl with down syndrome?

Buffalo Gals from Cow and Chicken

Got banned for portraying the Buffalo Gals as lesbians.

As weird as the show is already, it isn't surprising to see this episode on the list.

Daffy the Commando from Looney Tunes

Another Controversial War Cartoon.

Episode 12 from School Days

Is School Days is an anime horror?

Makoto is killed by Sekai because he cheated her. Konotoha behead the corpse of Makoto, kills Sekai and open her uterus to see if she is pregnant from Makoto. In the end, Konotoha goes to a trip in her boat, embracing Makoto's head.

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