Atrocious Animation #3: Enter The Dragon (6teen)

Turkeyasylum Oh good old 6teen... good for teens, but not 8 year olds. I will do quite a few Atrocious Animations on this show with good and bad episodes. Anyways, the episode was more than awkward for me to watch. The episode begins with Jonsey revealing he got a job (never would have guessed) at a sushi store. The male characters also reveal they are going to a samurai movie. The next scene is where Jen is working at the Penalty Box (Canadians and their hockey...), and her boss, Coach Halder, yells at her for having a cramp (which she describes as a "female" cramp), and has to get a penalty. Then Nikki (Not the awful singer), meets her there, optimistic and eating chocolate, to meet her. Than, Caitlin meets up with them, seeming grumpy, and they wonder why they act different. They later realize they are all on their periods (gross and awkard for us males, right?), and Caitlin sees it as a "sign of close friendship". Then there is a little bit of filler. The girls go to the mall pharmacy to buy cramp medicine, tampons (to stick with the awkwardness), and chocolate. They then play rock paper scissors to see who has to buy them. Caitlin loses, ans tries to cover them up with random magazines (actually a funny part). She then checks out, excluding the magazines, after the cashier says she doesn't have to cover up what she's buying. The boys lose their movie tickets, and they are then trying to search for them through the girl's backpacks (stalkers?!), and they think they find them in Nikki's backpack, only to reveal they pulled out TAMPONS (umm, this should be on ADULT SWIM), and they run away. Later on, the girls get better, Jonsey gets fired, and there is more filler. Just an awkward episode. Never watch it.

Awfulness Rating- Envious Ending 17/20, Plot Holes 10/20, Horrible Humor 13/20, Treturous Twists 20/20, Catastrophic Characters 4/20

Overall Awfulness: 74/100+ 5 Bonus Points for Awkwardness 79/100.

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