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21 Beauty and the Beach From Pokemon

It was the Japanese version of the episode that garnered the most controversy. - egnomac

A boy had boobs

This episode is very sexcist

22 Gary Takes a Bath from SpongeBob SquarePants

And it's also controversial for a certain little joke SpongeBob made trying to get Gary in the bath...

This episode only aired one or two times in the UK and Australia, and was banned for the creepy giggle of the "girl", which gave children nightmares. It still airs in the United States today. - Turkeyasylum

Don't forget a suicide reference

4 words: don't drop the doubloons

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23 One Coarse Meal from SpongeBob SquarePants

The worst SpongeBob episode. This episode made me feel sick and disgusted that such a serious issue of suicide could be made fun of. Yes Plankton is a villain but this episode really made me feel bad for him. Whoever wrote this episode clearly was an idiot.

This one was the worst I'd ever seen. I loved Plankton even though he's a villain - mind you, when I love a movie character, it's almost always the villain I loved. But this was worse than "The Splinter" - and that was the episode which haunted my nightmares! - redhawk766

Hate this one. Plankton commits suicide - Goatworlds

Mr. Krabs was literally Hitler in this episode. - kcianciulli

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24 Der Fuehrer's Face from Donald Duck V 1 Comment
25 Episode 12 from School Days

Is School Days is an anime horror?

Makoto is killed by Sekai because he cheated her. Konotoha behead the corpse of Makoto, kills Sekai and open her uterus to see if she is pregnant from Makoto. In the end, Konotoha goes to a trip in her boat, embracing Makoto's head.

26 Buffalo Gals from Cow and Chicken

Got banned for portraying the Buffalo Gals as lesbians. - egnomac

As weird as the show is already, it isn't surprising to see this episode on the list.

27 Daffy the Commando from Looney Tunes
28 It's a Wishful Life from the Fairly Oddparents

This episode is so bad that even the creator, Butch Hartman hates this episode. - kcianciulli

Butch Hartman had every right to get angry at the writers. - kcianciulli

29 Arnold Betrays Iggy from Hey Arnold!

I agree, that was by far the Number One worst episode of Hey Arnold, even his own grandfather finds it amusing that he's humiliating himself, which is way out of character for him. The only good thing about this episode, however, was that Gerald was never there when Arnold subjected him to humiliation to gain Iggy's forgiveness, so this shows that he will likely laugh at other people's misfortunes but not at Arnold's.

30 When You Wish Upon a Wienstein From Family Guy

The whole "I need a Jew" song. That wasn't the only thing. This episode was so offensive Fox refused to air it for two years

31 Turban Cowboy from Family Guy

Don't Forget The Scene Where Peter Runs Over Boston Marathon Runners. - kcianciulli

I Think Seth Himself realized he went too far on this one. - kcianciulli

It Makes Fun of Terrorism. - kcianciulli

32 The Ducktators from Looney Tunes

Main character is Hitler as a duck. - egnomac

33 Blue Cat Blues from Tom and Jerry

It ended with the two of them committing suicide

Tom and Jerry commit suicide by trying to get run over by a train - Ajkloth

34 See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey from The Powerpuff Girls

Banned due to Communist views. - egnomac

Banned, mostly due to seizures. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

35 Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q from Family Guy

This episode disgusts me with its portrayal of domestic abuse.

Plus, Kaitlin Olson did a horrible job voicing Brenda, she made Brenda act completely different from her appearance in "Jerome is the New Black" when Nana Visitor voiced her. - kcianciulli

36 Leap Frogs From Rocko's Modern Life

Although nearly every single minute of this show (including this episode) was pure animation gold, I'll admit that this one in particular was disturbing. However, "Camera Shy" was more controversial in my opinion due to the pornographic film of Rocko walking down a staircase naked (followed by an obvious masturbation innuendo).

37 Seahorse Seashell Party from Family Guy
38 The Splinter from SpongeBob SquarePants

Behold! One of my worst SpongeBob nightmares. I like SpongeBob, but why did the creators have to throw in something so disturbing? Every little detail of how SpongeBob got the splinter, blood and pus, then we watch Patrick put garbage over it to infect it. Gross. When PhantomStrider reviewed it, I covered the screen of my phone with my hand. I hate "The Splinter". - redhawk766

39 The Hunger Strike From The Boondocks

Got banned for portraying the B.E. T network as an evil organization bent on the destruction of black people. - egnomac

40 Fresh Heir from Family Guy

Peter Marries His Son, Enough Said. - kcianciulli

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