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61 All This and Rabbit Stew from Looney Tunes

This cartoon was banned from television and put in the censored eleven due to the negative stereotypes twards African Americans. It had premiered in 1941 and hasn't been shown since 1968

62 Peterotica from Family Guy
63 420 from Family Guy
64 The Two Mouseketeers from Tom and Jerry V 1 Comment
65 The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire from Family Guy
66 Homer's Phobia from The Simpsons V 1 Comment
67 Squid Baby from SpongeBob SquarePants

Thinking about it now, it does appear to make fun of head trauma.

There is Nothing Funny About Head Trauma.

What's so funny about head trauma? - redhawk766

V 1 Comment
68 Enter The Dragon From 6teen

The episode is about periods. It should be banned everywhere. - Turkeyasylum

V 1 Comment
69 Alice's Mysterious Mystery from The Alice Comedies
70 Summer Of Love from Hey Arnold

I guess this episode was a little weird...

71 That's Off The Chain! from Total Drama Island

A large chunk of the episode was censored because of a long censor bleep spoken by Lindsay. Still a classic, though... - Turkeyasylum

72 Murp Romp from Mixels V 2 Comments
73 Luna Eclipsed from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I don't think this is controversial.

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74 And the Wiener Is… from Family Guy

This episode is about the Penis size of Peter and his son, Chris.

75 Down a Tree - Good Luck Charlie

Good Luck Charlie isn't animated, and how is this controversial?

76 A Pal for Gary from Spongebob Squarepants
77 The Principal and the Pauper from The Simpsons

Not only did it receive a lot of hate, but both Harry Shearer (Seymour Skinner's voice actor) and Matt Groening (Simpsons creator) have disliked this episode. It also ruined Seymour by calling him the impostor of a character that never even appeared outside of the episode, and the way they got rid of him was ridiculous. - Swellow

78 Busted from Braceface

Episodes about breasts are always dicey and this is no exception. In this episode, Sharon is upset because people see her as a little girl and decides to buy a pump-up bra. When at a party, her braces cause the bra to go haywire and her breasts continue to grow. It's no surprise that this episode was banned in a few countries including the United States. - raidramon0

79 Arnold Betrays Iggy from Hey Arnold!

I agree, that was by far the Number One worst episode of Hey Arnold, even his own grandfather finds it amusing that he's humiliating himself, which is way out of character for him. The only good thing about this episode, however, was that Gerald was never there when Arnold subjected him to humiliation to gain Iggy's forgiveness, so this shows that he will likely laugh at other people's misfortunes but not at Arnold's.

80 The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson From The Simpsons
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Atrocious Animation #3: Enter The Dragon (6teen)
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