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101 Lessons In Love from Sym-Bionic Titan

Watch the episode for yourself and see what I mean.

102 Face Freeze from SpongeBob SquarePants
103 Game Slave 2 from Invader Zim

This is because of johann's original idea of getting rid of Iggins.

104 Squidbob Tentaclepants from SpongeBob SquarePants
105 Sailor Mouth from Spongebob Squarepants

How is this controversial? Everything in this episode is censored.

106 Flight as a Feather from The Mask: Animated Series
107 Comet! from Cow and Chicken
108 Operation Spinach from Codename: Kids Next Door
109 Revenge of the Vegan from Mr. Meaty
110 Pinewood Derby from South Park
111 Trenchbillies from Spongebob Squarepants

I always wondered how no one found it offensive it's a ridiculous stereotype

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112 What Was Missing - Adventure Time

This episode can't be found on dvd because fans understood my little tearjerking fanged love and bonnibel were bi. Phew! It's a nonsense! Olivia rose olson said they used to date so...

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113 Life with Feathers from Looney Tunes

This episode is about a bird who is attempting to commit suicide by getting eaten by Sylvester. - Garythesnail

114 Ouija Board Blunders from The Slim Shady Show

Courtney Love was pissed off at this episode.

115 Silver Spooner from Dexter's Laboratory

The Episode depicts many Gay References.

116 Crack Master from Sesame Street

That's one scary ugly crack master

117 Hot Springs Tenrei - Outlaw Star

It's a funny episode when Gene searches for castor shell bullets. If you want to see it, check it out on YouTube but, be warned, this episode includes nudity.

I read that episode was banned from Toonami and Adult Swim Because of nudity

The episode was never aired to in Cartoon Network because of nudity.

Sorry, that was Hot Springs Planet Tenrei

118 Holiday Hi-Jynx - Pokemon

I've been wanting To see a Pokemon Christmas episode but didn't realized it was never aired again because of Jinx's face was black.

119 Cowboy Funk - Cowboy Bebop

But they brought it back on the air later on.

That was banned once in 2001 due to terirsm attack from the real event

120 Brain Scratch - Cowboy Bebop
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