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121 Doggone It - Happy Tree Friends

Happy Tree Friends shouldn't be on here. It's controversial itself. - redhawk766

How has happy tree friends been controversial in any way?

How is this horrible thing is a cartoon.

122 Object Worth Looking For from Object Insanity
123 Obsta-Kill Course - Total Drama All-Star
124 Pups Save a Ghost from Paw Patrol V 1 Comment
125 Charlie Or Is It - Object Planet
126 Night Of The Living Bread - Breadwinners
127 Color Bomb from Through The Woods
128 Now With a B - Object Twoniverse
129 A Little Learning from Super Mario World
130 Never Koop a Koopa - Mario 3
131 The Haunted Forest - The Strive For The Million
132 Rabbit Halloween from Rabbids Invasion
133 Object Mayhem from Drawn Together
134 Stormy Weather from Peep and the Big Wide World
135 Last Horizons from Talespin

The episode featured a shocking World War II reference and offensive Asian stereotypes.

136 The Littlest Tramp from Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures

Mighty Mouse was seen holding a pink substance and snorted it up his nose. A possible substitute for cocaine.

137 Return of the King from The Boondocks

Rev. Al Sharpton believed that the depiction of Martin Luther King shouting the n word before an audience discredited black historic figures

138 Episode 12 from School Days

Is School Days is an anime horror?

Makoto is killed by Sekai because he cheated her. Konotoha behead the corpse of Makoto, kills Sekai and open her uterus to see if she is pregnant from Makoto. In the end, Konotoha goes to a trip in her boat, embracing Makoto's head.

139 Crimes R Us - Super Mario Bros 3
140 Episode 43 from Dora the Explorer V 1 Comment
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