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121 Chitty Chitty Death Bang - Family Guy

Probably in a copyright complaint with MGM Studios, owner of the 1968 classic film. - playstationfan66

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122 Diablo - Trigun
123 Mind Pollution - Captain Planet

Probably because one guy gets addicted to a drug and dies at the end. I had my mid plagued for days.

124 Hot Spells from Darkwing Duck
125 Just Say No from The Flintstone Kids

The VHS tape (containing the special) is hard to find and out of print. - playstationfan66

126 Fatman and Robin from Family Guy
127 Feeling Pinkie Keen from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

A religious moral is not something you'd expect to see in an MLP show, and it caused the episode to be panned.

128 Mypods and Boomsticks from The Simpsons

Probably due to a copyright issue with The Walt Disney Company for using the film's name without their permission. - playstationfan66

No, it is because this episode is actually extremely racist to Muslims. - RalphBob


129 Operation England from Codename: Kids Next Door
130 Minnie Takes Care of Pluto from Mickey Mouse Works
131 Just One Bite from SpongeBob SquarePants

There is a part where Squidward shouts what sounds like the S-word.

132 His Mouse Friday - Tom and Jerry

This is extremely controversial! Needs to be number 20 at least or higher because of cannibal use!

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133 Caillou Walks Around the Block V 2 Comments
134 Blythe's Big Idea - Littlest Pet Shop V 1 Comment
135 Doggone It - Happy Tree Friends

Happy Tree Friends shouldn't be on here. It's controversial itself. - redhawk766

How has happy tree friends been controversial in any way?

How is this horrible thing is a cartoon.

136 Object Worth Looking For from Object Insanity
137 Obsta-Kill Course - Total Drama All-Star
138 Pups Save a Ghost from Paw Patrol V 1 Comment
139 Charlie Or Is It - Object Planet
140 Color Bomb from Through The Woods
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