Most Controversial Metal Subgenres

These are the 'metal'genres that have received a lot of controversy and backlash, mostly because of their lyrics, their musicians, or their sound in general.
This list also includes:
* Non-metal genres with 'metal' in the name.
* Non-metal genres that are considered as 'metal' by a lot of people.
I'm not saying that these genres are bad, I'm just saying that they received a lot of controversy.

The Top Ten

1 Black Metal Black Metal

Reasons: Church burnings, Satanism..
Do I really need to explain this one?

2 Nu Metal Nu Metal

This subgenre received a lot of backlash and controversy, mostly because it doesn't sound like metal. Most Nu Metal bands rejected the label.

3 Deathcore Deathcore

This genre is very controversial, and most bands that are considered 'Deathcore' dislike it to be called 'Deathcore'.

4 Suicidal Black Metal
5 Unblack Metal

Also known as: Christian Black Metal.
A lot of Black Metal bands hate this genre.

6 Glam Metal Glam Metal

Glam Metal doesn't even sound like metal. But I put this on here anyway, because some people consider it as metal, and it received a lot of backlash.

7 Death Metal Death Metal
8 Metalcore Metalcore

Metalcore received a lot of hate and controversy, because most 'metalcore' bands are considered as posers.

9 Rap Metal
10 Pornogrind

Received a lot of backlash because of it's overly disgusting lyrics. I put this on number 10, because it isn't really a metal genre, but I put this on here anyway, because I was running out of ideas, and some people consider it as a metal genre.

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