Top Ten Most Controversial Movie Lists Not Posted Yet

Whoever posts these lists will be flamed to death by almost everybody on the site. I have tried to find what movie list ideas would piss people off the most. This list is also a warning to make sure people don't make these controversial lists.

The Top Ten Most Controversial Movie Lists Not Posted Yet

1 Top 10 Reasons Why Uwe Boll Is the Best Director Ever
2 Top 10 Reasons Why the Last Airbender Is the Best Movie Ever

I haven't watched this, but I heard how horrible it was. If someone made this list, then it would probably be a troll. It could be really his/her opinion, but I doubt it. - Misfire

3 Top 10 Reasons Why Citizen Kane/ the Godfather Is the Worst Movie Ever
4 Top 10 Reasons Why (Insert Critically Panned Actor Here) Is Better Than (Insert Critically Acclaimed Actor Here)
5 Top 10 Reasons Why Seltzer and Freidberg Are Better Than the Zucker Brothers
6 Top 10 Reasons Why Alfred Hitchcock/ Orson Welles Is the Worst Director Ever
7 Top 10 Reasons Why the Prequel Trilogy Is Better Than the Original Trilogy

Funny how it doesn't specifically say which franchise these trilogies belong to but I still know which one they're talking about. - Misfire

In my opinion they are equally good, none of them is better than the other - darthvadern

8 Top 10 Reasons Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Is the Best Indiana Jones Movie
9 Top 10 Reasons That Michael Bay Is the Best Action Director of All Time
10 Top 10 Reasons Why Adam Sandler Is the Best Actor of All Time

The Contenders

11 Top 10 Reasons Why Twilight Is the Best Movie Franchise of All Time
12 Top 10 Reasons Why The Garbage Pail Kids Movie Is the Best Movie of All Time
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