Top Ten Most Controversial Total Drama Episodes

Episodes that got controversy of Total Drama, either for being inappropriate, or just plain awful. I'd recommend you to watch the whole series and not watch the episodes alone, because you have to watch them in order.

The Top Ten

1 X-Treme Torture

Lots of quotes in this episode were inappropriate, and were the main reason Total Drama Island got so much controversy. Also, Heather's breasts got exposed to the whole cast. It's a great episode, but can seem a bit South Park-ish for a second.

Good episode, I think this is as close as Cartoon Network has gotten to being Adult Swim too.

I thought it was a great episode

Ok I was watching this with my lil bro and it showed someone's shirt and bra off like what then my bro asked all these questions he shouldn't be asking

2 The Final Wreck-ening

That's not even mentioning the fact that a case of Multiple Personality Disorder was cured literally at the push of a button. Unfortunate Implications doesn't even begin to describe that moment.

Probably the worst episode of Total Drama, along with Sundae Muddy Sundae. The "jokes" were corny, 7 or 8 contestants most likely died, and Camp Wawanakwa sunk. I think that's all I need to say.

Although total drama is not actually a real show so we really couldn't expect the show to accurately represent a disorder, this was just insensitive. people who actually have MPD STRUGGLE. they don't get rid of it by the push of a button.

They didn't die. Fresh TV confirmed that.

3 Sundae Muddy Sundae

They finally rerailed Courtney's character just to screw her over again. All that development and plot lines wasted for no reason!

The episode has one of the worst challenges of all time, making a sundae. In addition, Courtney gets eliminated, making the finale very obvious. One of the most hated, of not the most hated episode.

Courtney shouldn't have been disgraced like that. She really deserved to win "Total Drama" more than Duncan.

This episode should have had more romance in it. It lacks flirting.

4 That's Off The Chain!

Chris said the last person to cross is eliminated. Yet, in a future episode, he eliminates Jasmine for not crossing the line, even though Sugar was the last of the third. Chris' logic is flawed. Plus, he added that Owen didn't technically cross the finish line, even though he flew across the line.

Lindsay cursing Heather off is arguably one of the best moments on the show. However, to many people, the long censor bleep represented being inappropriate. Cartoon Network censored much of the episode, along with X-Treme Torture.

Great! For the first time in the whole show Lindsey wasn't being a ditzy girly girl and actually standing up to Heather, the nastiest girl on that island!

Lindsay telling Heather off had me laughing so hard! Loved it

5 Broadway, Baby!

The episode itself is fine, with the exception of one scene: a scene where Cody is about to fall into Lady Liberty's breasts, and Sierra saves him. In the cockpit, Cody and Chef agree it would have been a good way to die. The scene was banned from the USA, but I've seen it on Netflix (they use the Canadian version)

An entire scene if this episode was cut out in the USA for defiling the Statue of Liberty and being inappropriate.

6 Lies, Cries, and One Big Prize

Unless you count "The Ridonculous Race" as another "Total Drama" season, "Total Drama" ends on a sour note when Chris toys around with Jasmine, Shawn, Dave, and Sky.

Behind The Final Wreck-ening, this is the worst finale in Total Drama. Following another crappy episode (though Sugar leaves), the finale derails Dave, no thanks to the sadistic Chris. I also think Shawn (American winner) was undeserving, clichèd, and a pointless character with only one dimension.

7 Rock N' Rule

Four people hated Courtney and Duncan. Yet, when it was time to discuss who would be voted off, Owen wanted to vote for the (already immune) Courtney, leaving only three people to vote off Duncan. However, at the ceremony, Lindsay votes herself off, leaving the game in a 3-2-1 vote. Plus, Lindsay never has fair eliminations. The icing on the cake is that Duncan laughs his butt off over Lindsay's mistake, while others (even Courtney, who looks at Lindsay in a disappointed manner) are worried and furious.

As much as I see how people could say Duncan should have been eliminated here, I I personally think that another character, not Lindsay nor Duncan, should have left at this point. In fact, I think Lindsay and Duncan should have been the fanale.

The character I wish went home this episode is...


She should have went home this episode. She had no right to be in the fanale. I think it was Beth's fault for distracting Lindsay.

It should have went like this:
Beth, Harold, and Lindsay made the deal to vote Duncan off, but Duncan and Courtney both vote for Beth. Then Lindsay accidentally votes for Beth.

I think I would have enjoyed this better

In the final five. Lindsay manages to win the Space challenge. Owen, Lindsay, and Harold team up to vote off Duncan. Courtney is mad and she wants Lindsay gone for betraying her (even though Lindsay won invincibility). Duncan votes for Harold. With three votes, Duncan is out!

Final Four:

I think that this episode's elimination was stupid, mainly because Beth deserved to go home and this episode made me want her to go even more and paid the price. Beth was the worst character this season and she should have gone home. Don't judge but I have a theory that Beth is actually a villain.
First, she tries to make others feel bad for her and make her look good.
Second, she tries to play mind games trying to vote Duncan off to make Courtney angry. You know who play mind games like that villains. Duncan did not do anything wrong.

I did not like TD Action that much because of to many none elimination rounds. Also everyone wanted Lindsay to stay and Duncan to go. I loved Duncan in Island but people say he got lame in All-Stars. No it started in Action. Action was when things started going down hill

8 3:10 To Crazytown

Another dud episode of Total Drama Action, this one has the controversy of Gwen dumping Trent, then telling the other team to vote him off (he was throwing challenges for her). I feel really sorry for Trent in this episode because he was trying to do something nice for Gwen, but she dumps him because of that (but the 9 joke, and Duncan's influence is also why).

9 I See London

In the first season everyone believes Gwen was cheated on and Duncan is shown to be angry with Trent for doing so. The whole set up for Gwuncan is completely out of character for the two of them.

This was an exceptional episode until the end. In the end, Noah, who's finally getting screen time, is kicked off, and Duncan (AKA screen hog x2) comes back. To add on, Duncan kisses Gwen without telling Courtney, Tyler catches them, and this basically defines the next three episodes. That, and it's the formation of Gwuncan.

The original version of the song in this episode had some pretty Cody-crazed and tremendously inappropriate stuff said by Sierra.

Chris just BS'd a team that did the challenge very, very well in favor of someone who made it far too many times.

10 The Bold And The Booty-ful

The episode in between the two disgraces in Total Drama (Sundae Muddy Sundae and The Final Wreck-ening) looks like gold compared to the worst episodes of the series, but it's terrible compared to others. The controversy comes from two butt jokes inserted in the episode. How desperate were the writers?

They need more flirtatious humor.

I can't decide which finale was awful between Zoey-and-Mike (TDAS) or Duncan-and-Beth (TDA).

The Contenders

11 Mo' Monkey Mo' Problems

Ella was eliminated due to singing...what the heck were you writers thinking...? - Gehenna

Sugar, if you wanted your team to win, why did you get Ella eliminated?

Ella's elimination was downright cruel.

I hated this episode just sitting through it was so boring and I think Ella was eliminated for a really stupid action that came from sugar

12 The Aftermath: IV

I actually like this episode, but on one condition, Duncan must win. For the guy and anyone who got the Beth ending, I am so sorry. I not a worker for Fresh but I am just saying because she's a bad character. I think Beth deserved the fanale less than Courtney did, then again I do like Courtney. I think Beth was the worst this season and Duncan was the best.

Harold and Lindsay could have been a better final two than Duncan and Beth.

In the US and Canada, we get a horrible person as the season winner.

No in Australia, we get Beth(100 times worse than Duncan) as the winner. STEREOTYPICAL MUCH!

13 Grand Chef Auto
14 The Big Sleep

Chris yelled out the "D" word in the middle of the episode

I don't mind boring episodes like this one and Rock'n Rule as much as I mind 3;10 to Crazytown and The Bold and The Bootyful

15 The Am-AH-Zon Race

Gwen touched Cody's naked butt. And Cody seemed to enjoy it.


16 Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

To many voice cracks.
Also lame editing fails

17 Hook, Line, and Screamer

I really liked this episode but the only reason this is here is because Chris kicks off DJ. DJ is an awesome character. Not one camper did not like him. Even Heather joined the group hug as he is eliminated. I think Owen or someone should have gone instead because he was the first one there

18 No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

I’m quite shocked when Alejandro steal McLean-Brand Head from Heather and use it to get her eliminated.

19 Greece's Pieces
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