Inspecting Long Lists #9 What Culture's ''30 Most Controversial Video Games of all time''

htoutlaws2012 Keep on the trend of video games only this time we look at a not so long list, but instead one that consists of controversy, and since controversy has happened in the world of sport I figured why not look in the realm of video games then since most of them should be obvious these games go without saying.

#30 Grand Theft Auto Series: Good choice to start off the list since it is a game that was very original that had a cult following from Jack Thompson to under the age kids got hooked in the games because you literally reek all havoc.

#29 Mortal Kombat Series: The game that pretty much started the ESRB rating. In terms of fighting its in vein of both controversial and violent like the very next one on the list.

#28 Manhunt/Manhunt 2: The two games alone deserve a higher spot I mean the game pretty much is this unknown man killing all these other guys in the most violent way possible.

#27 Hatred: I'm a bit surprised to see this game on the list not because it was bad, but because not many people are that familiar with it.

#26 Destiny: Controversial you gotta be kidding me Destiny? Disappointing yes that's a argument I can get, but in no way did it stir any controversy, unless you count removing a certain game of Thrones star out of the game for a lamer announcer, but overall no.

#25 Resident Evil 5: Why not the whole series why specially 5? This is where I completely thinking to myself wait Mortal Kombat, and GTA are low on the list yet Resident Evil 5 which is just a singular game of the series, and not as a whole is higher that I have problems with the way it was placed makes logic with almost no sense.

#24 South Park Stick of Truth: In terms of the show this was clearly the best South Park game, but like the show it had its fair share on controversial scenes as you progress through the game.

#23 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: ''Remember no Russian'' - Vladimir Makarov. It was pretty much that moment alone gives the player chills in that massacre at the airport is something else great game though before the series went way downhill.

#22 Postal II: This is one of the few on the list I have not played.

#21 RapeLay: I mean the title alone kinda gives you urge this game is gonna suck, but also for something that is anime-ish it has to be the worst of that genre.

#20 Superman 64: Terrible game absolutely, controversial not real sure on that.

#19 Saints Row IV: I can see it in a way, but at the same time not really compared to others that should clearly be up there while you get some of the more questionable games like this one.

#18 Barbarian The Ultimate Warrior: Never heard of this game at all next.

#17 Duke Nukem Forever: Forever was both controversial, and disappointing in the same sentence. While it definitely qualifies more than others I would rather have 3D only for that gamers had addiction that ended up being such a legendary first person shooter it stands today.

#16 Night Trap: How is this not top 5, for one terrible idea, second its a screwed up game where you constantly have to save them from pretty much getting attacked which congressional hearings took to the stands.

#15 DOOM: Yep, one of my favorites was indeed a controversial game centered around well sin need I go on.

#14 Resistance Fall of Men: Which I can see, but not as high as it is especially above DOOM. It does have moments, but not top 15 worthy no less.

#13 Muslim Massacre: The title alone is the big attraction to this controversy next the goal is very obvious taken them all down, and splattered, and the end stop you masochists you.

#12 E.T (2600): Now this I can understand more than Superman 64 which I do not understand. E.T is controversial for not only being one of worst license movie video games of all time, but also all the stories how it specially triggered the Crash of 1983. The aftermath of it all was all the games that exist are buried in New Mexico that is unreal.

#11 Tomb Raider (2013): Aside from sex appeal no, not really that high worthy for me.

#10 BioShock: The thing with BioShock is that its very twisted, but has a complex, and interesting story. Yet there are many moments where oh my this went a bit has it not?

#9 Wolfenstein 3D: I would say more controversial than DOOM of course since your objective was to complete levels, and also shoot down get the Nazis, and this was 1992. Even more of an epic video game moments is battling Mecha-Hitler is just unbelievable how they could publish a game like this, but at the same time it was of quality gameplay.

#8 Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball: Boob physics... I mean that was the goal of the game is a man's guilty pleasure video game, and plus you're a male, and you feel like escaping to Zack's island just for this don't you?

#7 Super Columbine Massacre RPG!: Also known as a horrible tragedy put into a video game for no explained, but screwed process next!

#6 Custer's Revenge: I cannot believe this is #6, and not #1 I mean the objective is just so not Atari like, and very ugh... sexual yeah...

#5 Dead Island: Probably for either the violent part of the game, or the bizarre gender wars which is nothing, but adding in propaganda that takes away the game was meant to be of horror of course.

#4 The Stanley Parable: I have heard, but never played this... I do know its pretty good. That's all I got to say on that, and not quite sure if its top 10 worthy let alone top 5.

#3 MadWorld: Most of the Wii games were kid friendly appeal however there was one game I remember that just unusual for the system to have despite that blood bath shown in black, and white MadWorld is just simple gore for all awesome.

#2 Street Fighter X Tekken: Strange how I do not remember a crossover fighting game of this game, but anyways the real story behind this game is the weird method of adding in new characters in the game is a nightmare where if you bought the DLC you did not exactly get you purchased you pretty much screwed not taking anything away from the game, but that's one of the reason why many gamers tend to slowly hate Capcom perhaps.

#1 Mass Effect Series: This took me by surprised considering I was expecting Ethnic Cleansing honestly, but whatever. Mass Effect is pretty good as a whole aside from 3's end which wow anyways there are a few controversial parts in the game, but not number 1 worthy nor this high I mean if anything I fought it would been from 30-21 at the least.

That the list now I found a few I fought should of made the list one of them I already said since i'm shocked that was nowhere within the 30.

- Ethnic Cleansing
- Call of Juarez: The Cartel
- Leisure Suit Larry Series
- Death Race (Arcade)
- Bully

Those five I feel got the most snubbed on the list to some I don't think should even be there. For some I can't say it depends on anyone who knows better than I do. There's that until next time.


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