Controversial Corners: A Popular Yet Cringeworthy List

This was one of the first list I have made and it got popular, its not a bad list to be exact but there were sometimes where it had flaws against it and the reasons are this

1. I didnt do research or think about why they were controversial, they were controversial for a reason but some I didnt know in my right mind why.

2. People weren't getting the whole list thing, some people did but not much, like I said I didnt researched enough evidence of they're that controversial or not at all

3. This also stirred some form of controversial (Ironically) people thought as me as "butthurt" because I putted NateTalksToYou and PMSRants on the list. This isnt youtubers I hae just to remember, most of the youtubers in this list are controversial for stupid reseaons.

4. Some werent even controversial at all, the only reason why I putted the 3 minecarft youtubers on the list was the Seto incident which was thankfully restord but the list was made long ater the drama stopped so i really got nothing to blame but myself.

Overall, This was my first list so yeah, it was going to be a bit cringeworthy and pressure was builded up to a halt and that sort of stuff.

Thank you so much for reading this, this isnt exactly a rant thing even though the series was suppose to be a ranting thing but I just thought I wanted to get this of my chest and express it to you guys

Peace out!