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21 LeafyIsHere

He's playing a character that's a total dick. I've heard he's a nice dude in real life, but his online personality isn't going to give him brownie points in the saint hall of fame anytime soon.

The lastest videos on him pretty much say why he should be on the top of this list (literally).

22 Idubbbz

Idubbbz says and does whatever he pleases

IDubbbz is gay and he had a crippling depression.

23 The Mysterious Mr. Enter

His opinions are quite harsh and aggressive.

Even his username doesn't make any sense! Why does he even call himself "The Mysterious Mr. Enter"?

I'm guessing he hates EVERYTHING.

He does have high expectations for kids shows, but other than that, he's a great youtuber. - Catacorn

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24 Joshscorcher

His statements are insensitive and full of microaggresions. He has a intolerant ego like he thinks his intelligence is superior than others.

25 Verlisify

He the one who sparks controversies in the Pokemon community. - Senbo

26 DarkMatter2525

It is one of the best atheist channels. The man proves that religion lacks logic. Me being quite a religious person was impressed with the way of putting his views which are thought provoking.

27 Phantom Strider

I had to put him on the list because his top lists about cartoons have caused flame wars.

PhantomStrider had every right to put Paper Mario: Sticker Star on the list of top 6 worst Mario games anyways, but no, the prohibition for PhantomStrider to keep Super Mario Sunshine (which we both like but don't love as much as modernists demand us to), Paper Mario: Sticker Star and etc is too much and immaturely butthurt. Why do these people get the credit instead of the people that can take different opinions?!

I have to admit, PhantomStrider8 loves being an entertainer; trying to express his opinion on cartoons to make people happy. But why is he on the list you ask?
Sadly, his top videos about cartoons have caused flame wars. Cartoon fans who reply with butthurt comments as they take their obsessions to seriously. He is one of those people who defined the quote well, "To be popular, one must be a mediocrity."
I'm not saying he's bad or mediocre. He just needs to be careful on there.
And that's what you get for being popular!

28 Fine Brothers Entertainment

Really? Wanting to trademark a word is ridiculous and they realised it and suspended the program but, do they expect everyone to act like it never happened? That they basically claimed they own the right to reaction videos? Like, no

No one can say they own a YouTube genre

Obviously they own the word "react".

Stop reacting, guys

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29 Drama Alert

I personally do not like this guy because of all the racial slurs he uses and how he makes up drama for his own popularity. Not cool man - Jonerman

30 Phantomstrider8

I do have to admit, Phantomstrider8 loves being an entertainer, trying to share his opinions to make people happy. But why I had to put him on the list?
His videos have caused immature flame wars, coming from obsessive cartoon fans who can't respect opinions and take things too seriously. They need to take it easy!

31 Tommy Sotomayor

He is a cool user. They call him Mr. Controversy. He speaks a lot of truth. - TopTensFan

32 JaclynGlenn
33 Nicole Arbour V 2 Comments
34 Vegan Gains
35 Bart Baker Bart Baker
36 PragerUniversity
37 Milo Stewart
38 InfoWars InfoWars
39 QueenyMartha
40 VenomFangX
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