Top Ten Conversation Starters


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1 The Weather

Weather is a pretty good conversation starter, but it's too often that someone says, 'Wonderful weather we're having... ' - Lina1028

I think it's the most common subject to begin with! - shatti

This is a very British thing to do. Thank God for our unpreditable weather - without it, us reserved Brits would never speak! - Britgirl

I find it funny on just how true this statement is I dunno what it is about the Weather but good lord it starts Convo's off pretty well! - Curti2594

2 Music

If someone like the same music then is even cooler! - Curti2594

The moment someone talks about music (especially music that I love) they have my attention. - Lina1028

3 Books

A rather good conversation starter, if I may say so. - PositronWildhawk

In a bookshop once, a woman leaned over my shoulder and told me that Agatha Christie's Dumb Witness was worth a read. So I bought it on her say-so. It's now become one of my favourites. - Britgirl

4 Films
5 Transport

"Oh, the state of public transport these days. Shocking! " - Britgirl

6 Sport

One of the most awkward things is that I couldn't be less interested, and a number of people I meet couldn't be more obsessed! So I have to hear them drone on for hours about the scores, and I eventually go into a coma. It is one of those really tedious things in life. - PositronWildhawk

7 Fashion
8 Fan Fiction
9 Spoilt Children
10 Cars

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? Kids
? The News

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11 Television Shows
12 Food
13 Sex

Yup. Just bring this up, especially when meeting new Kindergarteners.
"How's your sex life, lil' Jimmy? "
"Wha? " - MoldySock

14 School Happenings

(When I was in high school)

Parent: So did anything interesting happen at school today?
Me: I saw a kid a lady changing a kid's diaper in the classroom, a kid threw up in the cafeteria, there was a fight, and the teacher yelled at me again.

15 Gas (Petrol) Prices
16 Yo mama
17 A Common Fetish
18 Hobbies
19 How You've Been
20 Obama
21 Religion
22 Tragedy
23 Video Games
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