Most Convincing Excuses for Not Having Your Homework


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1 Due tomorrow?! I thought you said "do tomorrow"!

It happens a lot from where I come! - jerk4life

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2 I was ill
3 I left it at home

Well this one is the most common - adisid

4 It offended me
5 My hand broke
6 I ran out of toilet paper
7 Bullies stole it
8 We bought a new paper shredder and we shredded the homework to see if the shredder was working
9 Santa Claus took it
10 I don't have it

The Contenders

11 When you gave the homework to the children, I went to the toilet. So I didn't know that there was homework

The most convincing - TwilightKitsune

12 I was absent

Haha this one is the best
happens a lot

13 It was against my religion
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