Top Ten Most Convincing Sentences

The Top Ten

1 Love your family... Especially when they own a gun
2 Eat a healthy meal... You never know when it will be your last
3 Don't abuse animals... They might become zombies and eat you.
4 Don't do drugs... Unless if you want to be crazy and go to prison.
5 Remember your phone number... So you can recharge your phone
6 Don't drink underage... You still have school. But then again... Who likes school?
7 Use condoms... Or your death will start to grow
8 Be responsible... You do want your laptop back, right?
9 Don't get wet in the rain... You'll have to go to school like that
10 I made this list... Because I was bored.

The Contenders

11 Never hurt anyone... Unless you want to be hurt
12 An apple a day... Keeps the doctor away
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