Top 10 Cool Cat Saves the Kids Fan Theories

To honor the release of a new Cool Cat movie coming out this year, I made this

The Top Ten

1 Cool Cat molested Butch

That would be hot

Woah. In that case, the next cool cat movie should be called "Cool cat gets some serious help". - SpectralOwl

I saw the list title and there was no choice, this has already gone into my favourites. - kempokid

That’s why Butch the bully hates Cool Cat.

2 Daddy Derek is Cool Cat's Stepfather

Why is Cool Cat a pet cat while Daddy Derek is a human? How is it possible for a human and a cat to have sex and breed a cat? His mom is his real mother and his biological father probably died.

I’d be weirded out if Derek really was Cool Cat’s father. That’s not how genetics work... - PackFan2005

3 Derek hates IHateEverything, YourMovieSucks and BobSheux because they remind him of his childhood bullies

I think Derek was fine with YourMovieSucks, but went to war with I Hate Everything. They may have reminded them of his childhood bullies, but he was the bully in this case. - PackFan2005

Yeah. I mean I don't think IHateEverything intended to "bully" Derek, but most of it was Derek Savage himself being hypersensitive. And bullying or not, it does NOT excuse all the crappy things he did in retaliation to Alex just for disliking his movie - GlassweighanCountess

4 Butch has a crush on Maria (he says she has pretty hair)

Does that mean Butch is a tsundere? - RoseWeasley

5 Butch has an abusive home life

Actually in the book version (go read it, it's a total gem) this might be the case. Butch was always depicted as a fat kid with disheveled clothes and unlike the rest of the kids his parents aren't shown or mentioned - GlassweighanCountess

6 Maria and Cool Cat are the bullies and bullied Butch before
7 Butch's family own the Bully's Diner

"Help! Everywhere I go, I'm being Bullied"!
The kid who keeps ending up where butch's family created - SpectralOwl

Butch's last name is The Bully and it's called Bully's Diner so it makes sense - TwilightKitsune

8 Cool Cat and Mama Cat are Extreme Furry Roleplay enthusiasts
9 Momma Cat and Cool Cat are biological siblings, and Daddy Derek is their adoptive father
10 Cool Cat is a serial child molester

Cool Cat is a rapist

"I'm Cool Cat, and I love all Kids"
Yeah, that quote explains all - SpectralOwl

The Contenders

11 Cool Cat is actually Shrek
12 Cool Cat committed some sin against Butch the Bully in the past, and that's why Butch hates him specifically
13 Cool Cat was inspired by Garfield
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1. Cool Cat molested Butch
2. Daddy Derek is Cool Cat's Stepfather
3. Derek hates IHateEverything, YourMovieSucks and BobSheux because they remind him of his childhood bullies


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