Top Ten Cool Looking Troops In Clash of Clans


The Top Ten

1 Pekkas

I once read that the pekka is actually a girl, which probably means she's a KNIGHT - lukemcnamara72

Let's admit it dude's the most op troop in the game.

Pretty good detail - micahisthebest

2 Hog Riders
3 Dragons
4 Wizards

The wizard is the most awesome man to step foot in the clash of clans/clash royale universe. He is awesome and has an AFRO!

I love wizards they are cool sexy stylish and also they sound like a magician when fire out there enemy

Wizards are awesome

They are the most handsome troop in coc! Ya wiz! wiz!

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5 Minions
6 Giants

Higher levels look cool

7 Balloons
8 Wall Breakers

Well... they suicide attack


9 Witches
10 Golems

The Contenders

11 Archer Queen
12 Lava Hound

They look so cool! - micahisthebest

13 Grand Warden
14 Valkyrie
15 Barbarian King
16 Healer
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