Top 10 Cool Things About the Pokemon Incineroar

It's getting a lot of hate for being bipedal and being based off a wrestler as it's not what people wanted out of Litten. Even if I'm not choosing Litten, I don't think Incineroar is bad. There are good things about the Pokemon.

The Top Ten

1 It's very expressive in game

...I actually think it's cute. It may even be my favorite starter now because of it's character (being a softy and all).

Agreed, dude. Every pokemon has their gentle side, even Incineroar. -Awesome_Anth365

2 It has a lot of personality

I'm definitely sticking with Litten all the way. I actually like Incineroar, and for all these reasons as well too. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

3 Even if it can be brutal in battle, it has a heart of gold

Man, I love this!


So true it loves me in Pokémon refresh

4 Darkest Lariat is a very cool move
5 It's part dark because it's based on a very specific kind of wrestler, a heel wrestler.
6 Even if it can be harsh, it shows to be very concerned when it comes to a pokemon being injured
7 It probably gives the best hugs

Yeah, I think this about my pokemon moon incineroar.

8 It's a big buff tiger who could carry you everywhere
9 It really likes it when young Pokemon and children admire it
10 It's not a Fire/Fighting type

The Contenders

11 It is part dark

As a fan of Dark-types, it is awesome... I am definitely going to choose Litten as my starter once I get my hands on Pokemon Sun and Moon.

12 It appreciates when crowds are pumped up for it
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