Top Ten Cool Warrior Cat Tribe Names for Toms

The Top Ten

1 Fire that Blazes Through the Forest

Its cool but its really long - AnonymousChick

2 Hawk that Flies High
3 Shadow of an Oak Tree
4 Frost that Covers a Holly Bush

I know this name sounds like a she-cat's name, but I think it also works for a tom - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

5 Owl that Hunts at Night

I had a rouge named Blue, former tribe cat, her name was Owl That Hunts at DAWN - TyphoonTheDutchAD

This is the only one that makes sense. - RiverClanRocks

6 Spider that Crawls on Cave Walls
7 Eagle that Flies Through a Storm
8 Claw of a Mountain Lion
9 Thorn of a Bramble Bush
10 Silver Stones Near a Lake

Very creative
Also one of the few tribe names without the word " that "

The Contenders

11 Peak That Hides Sun

I like this one, I imagine a dark grey tom with amber eyes.

12 Flame that Survives Storm
13 Sun that Rises at Dawn
14 Water Streams of Dawn
15 Lion that Roars at Sundown

I imagine a tan and ginger she cat with a scruffy mane like a lion.
He has amber eyes I guess and mates with Ice That Breaks Echoes.

16 Whispers of Fallen Shadows
17 Cloud with Moon in Belly

Yeah, it sounds weird. But at the same time, I like it. I think of a mottled white tom with dark blue eyes. Resembles Blizzardwing. ~Mistyrain

18 Darkness of Fading Echoes

I came up with this name and I don’t know how lol. A black tom with dark blue eyes. He, unfortunately, never knew his parents. When he came out of his mother, a deadly hawk invasion broke the silence in the territory of The Tribe of Empty Shadows. His parents were involved with this fight-to-death battle. And, they were killed by that eagle. After, Darkness was only left with his sister, Howl that Breaks Whispers, a misty-gray she-cat with dark, piercing green eyes.)) You are welcome to use this name :D
~Darkness of Fading Echoes

19 Tree Where Flowers Bloom
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