Top Ten Cool Warrior Cats Tribe Names for She-Cats

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1 Holly Leaf that Falls to a Pool V 1 Comment
2 Star that Shines at Night
3 Bird that Sings at Dawn

I made a name very similar to this, bird that sings at dusk lol. But dawn sounds better then dusk.

4 Petal of a Red Rose
5 Leopard that Runs Fast
6 Wing of a Brown Hawk
7 Red Rose that Grows in a Forest
8 Moon that Glows at Night

I think this cats would be a black and silver she-cat with glowing blue eyes, she is gentle but can be stubborn at times

9 Feather of a Raven
10 Echo of Shattered Ice

I love it. It reminds me of Shattered Ice, and Echosong

The Contenders

11 Dawn that Stars Still Sit In

White tabby she-cat, bright ginger stripes on face, dewy green eyes

A white tabby she cat with a large black and white spotted patch over her eye.
Known sister: Mist of Early Mornings, a white she cat with pale blue and gray swirls on her face.
Known brother: Branch That Falls at Noon, a dark brown tom with black stripes and yellow eyes.
Known: Mother: Rain That Drizzles in the Summer, a beautiful gray she cat with white tipped fur on her back.

12 Berry that Grows on a Hill
13 Rain that Splashes on Leaf

Ooooh so pretty!
She's a pale grey, almost white she cat with vibrant green eyes. She was very attractive and her beauty is always singled out. Toms didn't care one bit about her extraordinary hunting skills or her amazing ability to jump off steep cliffs. But there was one little secret she kept when talking to other cats. Her parent were killed. Her mother from another tom and her father from a crashing ravine. She would never forget the day that she was orphaned and had to be given to Leaf That Falls To The Ground. She's hated it here and wanted her real family back. As she got older, she knew she had to keep this. She met a tom named Crow That Flies Above. He did like her, but couldn't help not noticing her beautiful pelt. He tried to show he wasn't like other toms. Rain that Splashes on Leaf loved him too and she felt comfortable telling him. When he heard this he was annoyed to find that she wasn't perfect. He left her and she was broken.
She did finally meet a tom that ...more

14 Flower that Blooms in Dark
15 Moth that Glides Over Water

Hmm... this pelt color would be crafted after Sparrow Fur, in Dawn of the Clans. She's a white she cat with a ruffled pelt with light brown dapples on her back. Her mate would be a silky yellow and white tom named Thunder that Clashes the Sky. They have 3 kits. Bat that Flies at Midnight was a black tom with white spots and a damaged eye, Leaf that Dangles from Twig was a yellow and brown spotted she kit with a thick tail, and Bird that Calls at Dawn was a white she kit with brown spots.

This reminds me of mothwing from Riverclan

16 Lark That Wakes the Sun
17 Willow that Sways in Breeze

Sooo pretty. She would be an orange shecat with green eyes with brown paws

18 Sun that Burns Away Mist
19 Mist that Hides Trees
20 Blossom that Brings Hope
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