Top Ten Coolest Clone Trooper Names

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1 Broadside

The best pilot in the clone army.

Broadside has the coolest name. I want to rename myself

2 Appo

Clearly numbers 2-5 are better than Appo. Really Broadside Kickback Doom and Clanky are better. So is Deadeye and Punch.

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3 Doom

He looks cool but his name is even better. I but when droids here his name they retreat.

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4 Kickback

You just wonder why he was nicknamed Kickback

5 Clanky

I love this name. He must demolish droids if he has the name Clanky.

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6 Blackout

A great name for this commander clone

7 Blitz

It just makes you think of a cool yellow ARC trooper.

8 Punch

If you do not like this name you are crazy. It shows clones do not need blasters.

I like punching, packs a good amount of damage

9 Deadeye

It is a great name for this experienced clone.

10 Knuckles

The perfect name for the strongest member of Breakout squad.

The Contenders

11 Havoc
12 Rex V 1 Comment
13 Lance

Long range sniper for my own squad (scorpion squad)

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