Top Ten Coolest Clone Trooper Names

The Top Ten Coolest Clone Trooper Names

1 Doom

This is what I am

He looks cool but his name is even better. I but when droids here his name they retreat.

I would say that for only Storm Troopers or Darths - Super64Mario

2 Broadside

The best pilot in the clone army.

Broadside has the coolest name. I want to rename myself

3 Appo

Clearly numbers 2-5 are better than Appo. Really Broadside Kickback Doom and Clanky are better. So is Deadeye and Punch.

The replacement of Rex has an awesome name

4 Blackout

It sounds cool

It's what I do...

A great name for this commander clone

5 Kickback

You just wonder why he was nicknamed Kickback

6 Clanky

Best name ever, he should be number 1

I love this name. He must demolish droids if he has the name Clanky.

7 Punch

If you do not like this name you are crazy. It shows clones do not need blasters.

I like punching, packs a good amount of damage

8 Rex

Named after the king of the Dino's 😆

9 Blitz

It just makes you think of a cool yellow ARC trooper.

10 Sev

Best sniper and loves blood

The Contenders

11 Deadeye

It is a great name for this experienced clone.

12 Lance

Long range sniper for my own squad (scorpion squad)

He is great.

13 Reaper

He was a special operation trooper.

14 Boss

Really... the leader of the delta squad with the name boss, not even suggested before - johnsox2004

15 Thorn
16 Fives

He is the best

A Legendary Soldier With Rex And Echo.

Just a really cool name..

17 Knuckles

The perfect name for the strongest member of Breakout squad.

18 Havoc
19 Hardcase
20 Scorch
21 Basher

Basher Is An Awesome Clone Name This Definitely Deserves To Be On This List

22 Axe
23 Breaker
24 Droidbait

This Name Though

25 Oddball
26 Acid

"Great Fixer RP Name"

27 Striker

Just a name I normally use for GMOD starwarsRP a great name to symbolize you're the one that likes to do a lot of damage and kick that clanker a$$

28 Shepherd

It's a great CG name!

29 Trauma

Kind of ironic saying he died of some serious trauma...

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