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1 American Flag

The coolest country flag. I think it is the most coolest flag while japan has the stupidest flag and british flag is not like the USA. USA'S flag is much better than british - greetings from india. - kormo

USA's flag is the coolest no doubt about it. It also brings pride and joy to all who see it.

Best looking flag in the world

Around 1770's The American Flag Had The British Flag where the stars are today - westofohio

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2 British Flag

I love this flag you should to its were our founding fathers came from and we are all British in a way cause that's were the usa came from and the usa flag is just a copy of the us flag

I believe the british flag is the most superior, because the union jack flag perfectly symbolises the amount of power the UK had during the the british empire...and the effects are still seen today...the UK settlers vastly transformed (good way or bad way) every piece of land they stood on...including america...with their flag stuck in the ground waving...

I think Espana should have been up there
Espana <3
I love my country like you love yours

3 Japanese Flag V 2 Comments
4 Canadian Flag

It's so original and when you actual understand the concept of it, it's pretty interesting!

Bright and beautiful Canadian flag stands more original than other flags

More patriotic than any other flag. And we thought of our nature, our fall. - PizzaGuy

5 Bhutan Flag V 2 Comments
6 Sri Lankan Flag V 1 Comment
7 Russian Flag
8 Israeli flag
9 Papua New Guinean Flag
10 Persian Flag

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11 French flag

There isn't anything good on it. Its like everybody else's flag..

12 Kazakhstan Flag V 1 Comment
13 Kiribati Flag
14 Turkish Flag

Ona the most unique flags in
The whole world the sign if islam is pretty c00l! - darknessmaster909

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15 Ugandan Flag
16 Guatemalan Flag
17 Ecuadorina Flag
18 Greek Flag
19 Austrailian Flag
20 Egyptian Flag

Yah baby we have that EAGLE do you know you like it

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