Coolest Fixed Blade Knives


The Top Ten

1 KA-BAR US Marine Corp

The mega blade, it has seen more of the battlefield than bakeries have seen cake.


2 Israeli Commando Knife

Extremly sharp, light, hard to scrach and break, and good for a throwing knife to. - my111

3 Gerber Mark II
4 Kukri Knife

forward curved blade gives knife momentum. I have herd it is a well balanced knife which creates more fluent us of it (if your looking at it from a fighting perspective). Also it is a great survival knife because of its raw power and strength, for such tasks as chopping. I would like to get one. This is not from experience so don't hate me if you disagree.

5 Tanto Knife
6 Buck 119 Special

Buck! That's kind of it... not really. Umm, it may not be the biggest, or baddest looking, but this knife is legendary. For decades the design has really not been chanded at all. 6 inch blade, 10.5 overall, it gets the job done. Beast knife. Holds edge and never dissapoints

I love buck knives I got a couple and they are my best this one is amazing in particular (as a bonus it's the knife from scream)

What everyone else is saying

Nothing better than a buck

7 Fairbairn Sykes
8 Bowie Knife
9 Gerber LMF II
10 Gerber Mark 1

The Contenders

11 Karambit

Deadliest knife in the world~!

12 Busse Combat Grade Fusion Battle Mistress

Over two pounds of INFI steel, 1/4 inch think at the spine, and a 10 inch blade. Chop, hack, cut, clear, swing, source of much edge lust.

No way a Busse should be #15. The INFI steel alone is better than the rest of these knives.

13 Cold Steel Recon Tanto
14 Cold Steel Trail Master
15 Spyderco Warrior
16 Busse TG

The Walking Dead's fan favorite character Daryl Dixon's knife. And an awesome knife.

A great knife and INFI steel is the best!

17 Gil Hibben Extreme Survival
18 Ka-Bar BK-2

It's a beast, it can do anything you want it to do.

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