Coolest Girl's Names

The Top Ten

1 Phoenix

This is one name I would choose for myself. A fiery name, a birdy name.

I like Anna better, though. But, Phoenix is OK.

Phoenix. It even sounds fierce.

2 Africa

To have a name of a continent? Awesome.

3 Alice
4 Bethany

A very light and pretty name. Bethany means "Town near Jerusalum".

5 Eden

Like Edith, but better. "Eden" means "Paradise", or "Delight".

6 Indiana
7 Majesta

Who doesn't want their name to sound totally majestic? I know I would!

This is my friend's middle name - ComelCumil

8 Tiara
9 Kireina
10 Pebbles

The Contenders

11 Phoebe
12 Lalita
13 Pheobe
14 Queena
15 Natasha
16 Alpha

This is a really awesome name, especially because it means "The First One" or "The One in Charge".

17 Harley-Jane

This name sounds wickedly awesome.

18 Sophia
19 Thalia
20 Roxann
21 Loveleen
22 Kirsten
23 Providence
24 Ainslee
25 Sondra

Super cool. Kind of sounds rock 'n' roll ish. Means "Helper or defender of mankind".

26 Casey

I don't know why, but this name makes me think of a girl with powers like in X-men. Means "Brave, alert, observant, and vigorous".

27 Lottie

Both really cute and sweet. Lonnie means "Beautiful, dear child", and Lottie means "Tiny and feminine".

28 Rayla

Makes me think of a fairy flying by and sprinkling stardust over your lawn. This name means "Princess".

29 Netta

Old fashioned, makes me think of a fairy as well. "Netta" means "Grace".

30 Shay

I was thinking of Shay from "The Uglies". I also like Shayla. "Shay" means "Gift".

31 Cate

WAY cooler with a "c" instead of a "k". "Cate" means "Pure".

32 Lace

Pretty, and a uniquer form of grace. Means "female warrior".

33 Ellie
34 Leila-May
35 Samantha
36 Mary-Jane
37 Karen
38 Reese

I love this name, I wish I had it!

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