Coolest Girl's Names

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1 Pheobe
2 Thalia
3 Roxann
4 Phoenix

This is one name I would choose for myself. A fiery name, a birdy name.

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5 Tiara
6 Pebbles
7 Phoebe
8 Africa

To have a name of a continent? Awesome.

9 Queena
10 Majesta

Who doesn't want their name to sound totally majestic? I know I would!

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The Contenders

11 Alpha

This is a really awesome name, especially because it means "The First One" or "The One in Charge".

12 Harley-Jane

This name sounds wickedly awesome.

13 Sophia
14 Indiana
15 Alice
16 Kireina
17 Natasha
18 Loveleen
19 Kirsten
20 Lalita
21 Providence
22 Ainslee
23 Sondra
24 Casey

I don't know why, but this name makes me think of a girl with powers like in X-men. Means "Brave, alert, observant, and vigorous".

25 Lottie

Both really cute and sweet. Lonnie means "Beautiful, dear child", and Lottie means "Tiny and feminine".

26 Bethany

A very light and pretty name. Bethany means "Town near Jerusalum".

27 Rayla

Makes me think of a fairy flying by and sprinkling stardust over your lawn. This name means "Princess".

28 Netta

Old fashioned, makes me think of a fairy as well. "Netta" means "Grace".

29 Shay

I was thinking of Shay from "The Uglies". I also like Shayla. "Shay" means "Gift".

30 Cate
31 Lace

Pretty, and a uniquer form of grace. Means "female warrior".

32 Eden

Like Edith, but better. "Eden" means "Paradise", or "Delight".

33 Ellie
34 Leila-May
35 Samantha
36 Mary-Jane
37 Karen
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