Coolest Guitars of All Time


The Top Ten

1 Gibson Les Paul

Made by the legend of the same name, this stands as one of the most successful guitars of all time. - lilbullet111

It's like holding a woman's body. - mgenet

Belongs in the #1 position.

2 Fender Stratocaster

Definitely the most influential guitar model of all time. Just look at other guitar brands like Ibanez or Jackson; almost all guitar brands have a strat-shaped model. Just think what would happen if the stratocaster was never invented.. THE HORROR! - aeromaxx777

I have a American deluxe strat and tele. Amazing quality, tone and sustain. Never needs tuning regardless how long it stays in the case. I have a Gibson les paul that pretty much stays in the case.

it is by far the best guitar that you'll ever see. it is also the best sounding guitar ever made.

Used by guitarists from Jimi Hendrix to Eric Clapton, the Strat is one of the best-selling guitars of all time. - lilbullet111

3 Gibson SG

Used by rock legends like Angus Young and Pete Townshend, the SG stands for 'Solid Body' and it was made following the success of the Les Paul. - lilbullet111

Its easy to play than a les paul and it better looks better than a les paul and sounds better and les havey and a gibson sg double neck is even better

4 B.C. Rich Mockingbird

Mockingbird, Flying V and X-plorer are the only guitars with any style.

5 Gibson Dark Fire

Beautiful robot series Gibson. Tunes itself! - lilbullet111

6 Gibson Flying V

How can you go wrong with this futuristic guitar of wonders? Sure, you can't play it sitting down, but why sit down when you can... stand up? Anyway. you look great playing them! - lilbullet111

the shape, the sound! simply beautiful I got one I can say that I'm in love...

7 Fender Telecaster

So many to choose from. Single coil, humbuckers, P90. 2 and 3 pickup versions. Maple and Rosewood necks, Ash, Alder, Pine bodies. Solid body, semi-hollow.
The twang is what makes them famous. Just superb.

8 Gibson ES-335

Known famously for a Jazz and Blues guitar and it's fat body, it has quite recently been brought into the rock and roll world from guitarists like Jet singer/guitarist Nic Cester. - lilbullet111

9 Gibson X-plorer

Brought out with the futuristic series of Gibson Guitars, this breakthrough came out with the successful Flying V and the forgotten Moderne, wich is rarely seen nowadays. It was used live for the song 'Freebird' by guitarist Allen Collins. - lilbullet111

10 Gibson Firebird X

It's the best guitar I have ever seen! It looks so awesome and sounds so great! Its really light and comfortable and easy to play! You can play reaaly fast on it! Its gibson's best guitar! - winner333

The Contenders

11 H.S. Anderson Mad Cat

This is just a list of 'most commonly used guitars'... I thought we were talking about coolest? If so: prince's madcap ('leopard' plate/ the one he played at rhof) heavy as hell with interference. Also perfect. Also a lynchpin in his unique style

12 Gibson EDS-1275

One of Jimmy Page all time favourites, this double-neck Gibson Guitar is only for the pros. - lilbullet111

13 Ibanez JS Series
14 Ibanez RG Series
15 Maton Guitars

These great Australian acoustics are used in the hands of unbelievable finger-pickers like Tommy Emmanuel and Smokin' Joe Robinson. - lilbullet111

some of the best acoustics in the world

16 Ibanez JEM Series
17 Fender Jazzmaster
18 Taylor 114CE
19 Ibanez Xiphos
20 Gibson Hummingbird
21 Gibson Les Paul Junior
22 Ibanez Destroyer
23 Ibanez Montage

Amazing guitar! Looks great and sounds great, but hard to find. I've only seen a few of them but it's a guitar that turns heads!

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