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1 Night Fury

Night fury... where can I start? Unlike the other dragons, I THINK that Toothless is the only night fury, and nobody can argue with toothless and his cuteness. It's the most deadly, powerful, brave and literally the king of the dragons. You rock, Toothless!

The Night Fury rocks! And then the fact that it's the only species the Vikings worry about. They probably thought it was this ugly evil dragon, they never expected it to be such a cute and sweet thing!

It's awesome that they made a dragon that sticks out just as much as hiccup. Like if you agree. Deadly madder would have to be my second favorite.

Well DUH! Of course we're gonna vote for Toothless!
Why Night Furies are AWESOME:

1. They look like massive black cats with wings (FunFact: The writer for 'Gift of the Night Fury's inspiration for that moment when Toothless frantically shakes his new tail around was his cat. He put stickytape on its tail and it had a very similar reaction).

2. They're ADORABLE!

3. They're really fast.

4. They're fire is awesome. I mean, BLUE FIRE PEOPLE!

5. Toothless's tail is perfectly convenient for finding a way into his heart. By that I mean, it's lucky that he had those fin-like tail flaps so one could be blown off, and Hiccup could make a new tail so Toothy can FLY! You get my point.

6. They're awesome.

7. Retractable teeth.

8. They're really awesome.

9. They're beautiful. If you look closely at Toothless's underbelly, it's slightly spotted/striped. I want to pet him. He looks like he has skin rather than scales.

10. ...more

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2 Monstrous Nightmare

If this dragon is terrible, must be better than Night Fury

3 Flightmare

The cool scream and fear mist makes this dragon one of the best!

4 Hiddeous Zippleback

I think that are cool because that have 2heads

2 dragon heads sensational

5 Deadly Nadder

I just love this dragon as it is just amazing! Plus, it's spikes to go with it, really amazing!

It's poison spikes on its tail make this dragon one of my favorite

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6 Thunderdrum
7 Timberjack

Because of the latge size, I think the "TIMBER"jack suits it very well as a name, because of where it lives: Forests.

8 Terribble Terror

I like this because it's very comic dragon

9 Gronckle
10 Green Death

The Newcomers

? Sand Wraith

It looks exactly like toothless but yellow and more spikes.

? Triple Stryke

The Contenders

11 Whispering Death
12 Stormcutter
13 Skrill

One of the most powerful dragons

Cool abilities, fast awesome!

Flicking lightning

14 Bewilderbeast
15 Deathsong

This dragon can spit amber

16 Alpha
17 Speed Stinger
18 Screaming Death
19 Red Death
20 Typhoomerang

It breathes fire tornado! Can also become one itself! Fast and can use its wings to create a powerful gust of wind.

21 Dramillion

It has all the same fire breaths as the deadly nadder, night fury and a gronkle.

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1. Thunderdrum
2. Green Death
3. Flightmare
1. Night Fury
2. Stormcutter
3. Flightmare
1. Night Fury
2. Monstrous Nightmare
3. Hiddeous Zippleback


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