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1 Liger

Male lions are not lazy so before people start acting like a know it all let me tell you some proper facts Male lions need to protect the pride from nomadic lions she has to fight everyday so that is why the lionesses do the hunting because he needs to rest and grow stronger for the night also I have seen male lions take down bull giraffes by themselves - lions

Ligers are a hybrid of lions and tigers. Their stripes and mane looks really cool and fierce. Other hybrids include the Bengal cat or Tigons

A lion that actually works hard for its food. If it breeds a lot we could see the liger become the top predator in its respective areas


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2 Grizzly-Polar Bear

They are so scary and dangerous PLEASE VOTE NO

Have you ever seen one of these? They so deserve to be first.

I love poler bear

It's real but it's really not supposed to be. It's called the Grolar bear, I know, great name. It only exists because of climate change. The polar bears keep moving north and mate with grizzly bears.

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3 Coywolf

A coywolf is half coyote and wolf


4 Wholphin

What is an wholphin

so cool

Half false killer whale (which is actually a dolphin), half bottle nosed dolphin, epic animal. Although it is called a wholphin, it is two species of dolphin mixed together, no whale in the mix. Still very cool! 🐬🐳

5 Zebroids Zebroids A zebroid is the offspring of any cross between a zebra and any other equine: essentially, a zebra hybrid.
6 Killer Bees Killer Bees
7 Savannah Cat

RKO out of nowhere!

Ths is cute put it number 1

8 Coydog

The top ten is a listverse copycat

Love dogs like toats

This needs to be 1 not 8 before you vote look up pictures of coydogs and if you like dogs or coyotes or canines period -Galaxy Meowth 😽

9 Cama
10 Dzo

What are they

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11 Sheep-Goat
12 Blood Parrot Cichlid
13 Snake-spider hybrid
14 Wolfdog Wolfdog
15 Leopon

I added it look it up it’s a leopard lion hybrid it’s just so 😻
-Galaxy Meowth

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