Top 10 Coolest Ideas for a Dream House

Houses are the type of place in the world where most people live which we refer to as “home. It’s mostly what we consider to be our “safe place”. Depending on whether your house is big or small, it’s still important to have a roof over our heads.

Although some people have houses, lots of people have “dream houses”, which is when people have radical ideas about the types of rooms and other features that they would want in their house, which may include a bowling alley, an indoor pool, an arcade, and even a grocery store!
The Top Ten
1 Library

Are you someone who loves to read fiction novels, and learn new stuff using encyclopaedia’s and information books? Well, you would definitely love to have a library room inside of your house. Not only can you read novels and encyclopaedias, but you can also study your homework in a peaceful and quiet space, since libraries are meant to be quiet places.

I would love to have a library as my house or just a library in my house loll

it would be a peaceful and relaxed environment

2 Arcade

This would be quite a cool room for you to invite friends over to have fun in. This room would include classics arcade games such as “Donkey Kong”, and “Pac-Man”, sports-related arcade games like air hockey, foosball and a basketball shootout, and even a few claw machines.
But remember, gamble responsibly.

Ahh, yes. Playing retro games every day would be a life I would definitely love to have.

3 Cinema Room

Feel like inviting some friends over for a movie night, but want to have a cinematic experience? Well, this room would be a perfect place for it. You can heat up some popcorn, buy some drinks, and other snacks while you’re watching an epic movie on the big screen.

That would be very nice. I like that picture, there are light to set the mood.

This would be cool

Marvel movies. Nice

4 Sports Arena

Whether it be soccer, football, AFL, or baseball, having a sports arena in the backyard of your house would just simply be awesome.
You could not only practice these sports inside of a full-sized pitch, but also invite friends over for a friendly tournament!

My bff would love this one!

5 Amusement Park

I'd love this so I could ride on theme park rides almost every single day. I'd love to have, for example, Disney dark rides and gentle rides like the merry-go-round in my own dream house.

6 Grocery Store

Eating chips and whatever I want everyday. And if that's too unhealthy, then I'll just grab some vegetables and munch them down.

How cool would having a grocery inside of your very own house be? You would get an almost unlimited supply of food, toilet paper and other important supplies on stock that you couldn’t live without. The food would be pretty much be free for the owner to “buy”, but it may cost a bit to get the shelves restocked.

Never run out

Tons of Skittles. Nice.

7 Indoor Pool
8 Restaurant

I know it’s technically just another way of saying “dining room”, but having a restaurant would be much fancier and attractive to guests. You could also invite much more people without having to move furniture to fit people in.

9 Concert Hall

Concerts may be pretty long and may take a while to clean up, but having a concert in the backyard of your house would be AN EXPERIENCE! If you can play an instrument or sing, you would be able to perform some epic songs in front of an audience, although it might take time getting used to. You might even get to invite some of your favourite bands to do concerts inside of your house!

10 Tour Train

Having a tour train go around your house would be quite an awesome thing to see. You could even use this train to take a shortcut to your room if you’re tired and you can’t be bothered walking all the way upstairs.

I would love to relive my childhood and see Thomas again - Stakamakataka

The Contenders
11 Aquarium
12 Garden

Bff would love this one too

13 Music Studio
14 Spa
15 Stable
16 Den
17 Stained Glass Window
18 Greenhouse
19 Petting Zoo

All the animal lovers out there would probably love to see a petting zoo at their house. This would also be in your backyard, and you get to see the type of animals.
Remember make sure that the animals are being fed, washed, taken GOOD care of, and give them more space, that way they can stay there much longer in a safe environment.

20 Elevators

There are quite a lot of houses out there that use elevators, but I reckon that having them inside of your house would still be quite a cool feature. It would be much more accessible to other people, and quite useful if you have a sore leg. Also, you may be tired and probably can’t be bothered taking the stairs.

21 Zoo

You get an upvote for just MENTIONING Tapirs - Stakamakataka

As long as the animals are happy and are properly cared for, then I'd love to have this for my dream house. The animals I want for my dream house's zoo are tapirs, Asian elephants, hyraxes, manatees, aardvarks, pangolins, giraffes, antelopes, chamoises, serows, gorals, takins, tahrs, bharals, rhinos, buffalos, bison, elk, marsh deer, barisingas, moose, hippos, botos (Amazon river dolphins), Pallas' cats, fishing cats, clouded leopards, margays, binturongs, Malagasy civets, small Indian civets, Indian grey mongooses, yellow mongooses, banded mongooses, meerkats, exotic bats, anteaters, sloths, armadillos, capybaras, maras, wild guinea pigs, rock cavies, mountain cavies, viscachas, chinchillas, crested porcupines, springhares, jerboas, pikas, gibbons, bushbabies, pottos, lorises, lemurs, colugos, tropical pigeons/doves, tropical gamebirds, white-faced whistling ducks, wood ducks, Mandarin ducks, American black ducks, ruddy shelducks, common shelducks, magpie geese, Cape Barren geese, ...more

22 Art Gallery
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