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41 Māori

The only language where every word just sounds awesome.

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42 Esperanto

Not many people know that Esperanto has native speakers too. It was never planned that way, but it happened, and I have met about a dozen native speakers over the years.

Esperanto is used much more widely than some people assume. If you don't have enough time to learn all the irregularities of national languages, learn Esperanto.

Esperanto is worth to learn. I have find a new world by Esperanto.

It is the easiest one and -i think- everyone should try it.

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43 Bengali

A language full of poetic & idiomatic features. Cool to say & fun to use.

A language which full of love and sweet. When I hear it it touch my heart and I love to hear it.

What a language! After listening you can just feel that it is coming from someone's heart.

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44 Turkish

Turkish language is not only beautiful but also very well-structured. It has a unique vowel harmony. Which makes it very poetic. It's a little hard, I'll give you that one. It's a language of 2000 years of history.

Has a very unique morphological and syntactical structure that makes sentence creation both highly logical and flexible at the same time. Analytical people will love it as there are hardly any irregularities.

Damn awesome language! It should be in the TOP 10 at least!

It has damn good history man

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45 Kannada

Hm... It does seem interesting, it might be cool for my curiosity

The most pleasant, Soothing, attractive, energizing language! "Sirigannadam Gelge"

46 Czech

Beautiful, rich, funny, quite difficult to master compared to english, few tough sounds.

Its just such an awesome language

Czech is a marvelous language! Unlike its close sister Polish it has a very nice melody and clear sound to it. Czech is a beautifully structured and logical language. For persons appreciating "purer" languages Czech is definitely a great pick. A great part of words, which often happen to be internationalisms in other indoeuropean languages or German/French leanwords, are completely genuine in Czech. It has a very difficult grammar indeed, also the pronunciation is quite tough, but here are some benefits, few people would share with you:
+ extremely easy spelling
+ past/present/future tense, no funky tenses in between
+ verbs in general a strong point, since quite easy
+ more or less liberal syntax
+ very poetic, profound and sophisticated language, many inventions, sly heads and authors originate from the Czech Republic
+ very diverse: you can easily beat latin, which is by far less profound within its less distinct case system, in forming short, sharp and ...more - Ijsmann

Odd language, but I like ig

47 Urdu

The Most Expressive Language I've Ever Heard. Every Expression, Every Feeling & Every Emotion Can Be Explained In Words Exactly The Way You Want.

The most poetic language ever spoken, written, or heard.

Civilized and poetic language

48 Sinhala
49 Bahasa

It's easiest language I've ever learnt

Easy funny and fun


50 Serbian

It is one of the oldest of all the Slavic languages and knowing Serbian makes it easier to understand the other Slavic languages since all of them share words, structure, or both with Serbian.

It's un-PC to be a Serb, so they've got to be great people.

Yeah it is but its really hard to learn.Challenge yorurself and you will know to speak in Serbia,Croatia,Bosnia,Montenegro,Makedonia and Slovenia little bit

51 Basque

Related to nothing else on earth, related languages were spoken by Europeans LONG before Latin/Germanic languages. I'd love to learn it!

K's, X's, and Z's all over the place, so it looks and sounds absolutely awesome!

One of the most ancient languages in the world. You can immerse yourself in words that reflect the ancient way of thinking, such as "zuhaitza" ("tree", from "zur haitza" which literally means "wood stone") or "haitzulo" ("cave", from "haitz zulo", which means "hole in a rock").

The verb conjugation is very hard but highly interesting, since you have to conjugate it not just according to the subject, but according to the direct object and the indirect object as well.

A rare gem for people interested in linguistics.

52 Mongolian

Throat singing = completely boss

It's so unique and every time I hear it it sounds like a mix of Russian and Chinese.

53 Aramaic

Jesus spoke it, end of! Anything Jesus does is immediately the coolest of its type!

Jesus Christ spoke Aramaic, enough said.

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54 Greenlandic

If you've ever seen it, the words are really long and complicated. They put "q" with no "u" by it.

55 Albanian

Awesome unique language, and it has a very hospitable and friendly culture and long history. Plus people are so patriotic there it's great

Super melodic language and the oldest in Europe. Very Unique!

This language is one of the oldest languages in Europe!

Oldest language in Europe

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56 Nepalese
57 Telugu

Why are you so stupid never other languages only telugu sweetest language - harishgude

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58 Celtic
59 Indonesian

'Jess burke thinks it's cool'

60 Xhosa

Xhosa is amazing! I one day wish to go to South Africa and learn it, but my oh my it does sound complex

Search it on YouTube! The language is spoken with clicks inserted and is very complicated.

Africans languages are always amazing to pronounce and enjoy the flow

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