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81 Slovenian

My ancestors are from here... just thought I might add it

82 Gujarati

Because it's the best!

83 Kazakh
84 Frisian
85 Maltese

Maltese has its basics from Arabic and more advanced words in italian origins. And some are even mixtures. It is the only semitic language in Europe and its uses the Latin script too. For science and sports it uses English words. Maltese is intelligable to Tunisian Arabic. You might think they're the same language.

86 Yiddish

It's such a rare language, it's spoken mostly in New York. I love hearing it, I wish I spoke it!

87 Sentinelese
88 Bulgarian

It's a nice sounding language and has an interesting yet hard grammar

Bulgarian is a beautiful language, I speak English, French, Spanish and also study German, but my native one is Bulgarian!

Very nice language!

89 Swahili

This language is gorgeous in its pronunciation and grammar. I'm an American English speaker and my grandma taught me Swahili. It was her favorite language.

Swahili is so underestimated. It's an uncomplicated but unique language with a fair number of speakers!

90 Farsi

Farsi is a really cool language. When I hear Persian songs and their nice poems I feel so good even if I don't know the meanings I love the way the poems giggle me!

Awesome Language to speak

Persian and Farsi are same - Ramtin_MH

91 Tagalog


92 Tongan

So wonderful

93 Klingon
94 Khmer

I am learning Khmer. It is very hard to write, and especially reading. But the speaking part is AWESOME! Should be in top 15!

95 Burmese
96 Somali

Sexy and beautiful



97 Yoruba

Everything sounds funny in Yoruba

98 Elvish
99 Latvian

It's A Super Duper Cool Language!

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100 Middle Egyptian

This is ANCIENT EgyptIAN! You can find videos on YouTube of Ancirnt Egyptian poems and stuff. Imagine everything you think of when you think of Ancient Egypt; pharaohs, pyramids, the likes; It sounds exactly like what you'd always imagined it must sound like.

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