Top Ten Coolest Looking Clash Royale Cards


The Top Ten

1 Sparky Sparky

Sparky looks really cool, but the usage of it is at 1% and with a reason. Actually, 5reasons.

This is my favorite card it needs to be used more

This awesome laser kills anything in his path

It is THE best card

V 6 Comments
2 Wizard Wizard

Totally awesome. Looks awesome, and is awesome

Wizard just looks so cool. He just looks epic - TheHabsFan

3 Dark Prince Dark Prince
4 Golem

Noob golem is so bad easily counter, inferno tower, skeleton guards, minion horde

He is so cool! - Triceratops


5 Guards V 1 Comment
6 Miner
7 Ice Wizard

I think that the ice wizard looks really cool. All of his hair is made of ice. Even his landing is really cool, but his landing isn't as good a sparky's.

8 Prince
10 Electro Wizard

The Contenders

11 Furnace
12 Lava Hound
13 Princess
14 Bowler

He looks like a blue Yoda.

He 's really ugly

15 Executioner
16 Skeleton Army
17 Cannon
18 Streetlights
19 Archer Tower
20 The Log
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