Top Ten Coolest Looking Clash Royale Cards


The Top Ten

1 Sparky Sparky

Sparky looks really cool, but the usage of it is at 1% and with a reason. Actually, 5reasons.

This is my favorite card it needs to be used more

This awesome laser kills anything in his path

It is THE best card

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2 Wizard Wizard

Totally awesome. Looks awesome, and is awesome

Wizard just looks so cool. He just looks epic - TheHabsFan

3 Dark Prince Dark Prince

He looks awesome

4 Golem

Noob golem is so bad easily counter, inferno tower, skeleton guards, minion horde

He is so cool! - Triceratops


5 Guards

Guards look pretty cool

6 Miner

I think the miner is cute an can do all its damage u can spawn
it any just like a spell

7 Ice Wizard Ice Wizard

I think that the ice wizard looks really cool. All of his hair is made of ice. Even his landing is really cool, but his landing isn't as good a sparky's.

Ice wizard is the bomb and plus look at him come on guys he should be first

8 Prince
10 Electro Wizard

The Contenders

11 Furnace
12 Executioner
13 Lava Hound
14 Princess
15 Skeleton Army
16 Bowler

He looks like a blue Yoda.

He 's really ugly

17 Streetlights
18 Cannon
19 Archer Tower
20 The Log
21 Royal Giant
22 Scissors

Scissors really look amazing

I put this lol just because I made fun of people who put laboratory and archer tower on this list. Also rubiks cube and streetlights were also added by me lol

23 Rubik's Cube
24 Hog Rider Hog Rider
25 Night Witch Night Witch
26 Fire Spirits
27 Baby Dragon
28 Electro Dragon

He looks like a smurf dragon and I love him to bits for that

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