Coolest Looking Letters of the Greek Alphabet

The Top Ten

Omega (Ω/ω)

God of War, Omega beams (Darkseid) etc

I simply love greek letters, greek language, greek people, greek food, I like everything is greek.

Psi (Ψ/ψ)

This is cool! It looks like a crazy person! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

The symbol of Neptune and psychology. - Metal_Treasure

Ugh no. Why is this so high? This delta and ksi are the only Greek letters I hate. They always look so messy and are hard to write!
But other than those three Greek letters I love anything else that’s Greek. The food, dancing, music, people, etc etc etc forever ❤️🇬🇷

Sigma (Σ/ς/σ)

It's one letter with 3 versions

This is so CUTE! I just want to show it some love! Xx - Britgirl

Delta (Δ/δ)

The uppercase looks like a triangle. - BorisRule

Xi (Ξ/ξ)

The capital xi looks like the Chinese character for the number 3. The lowercase xi is just awesome!

The capital one looks the best.

Phi (Φ/φ)

I love this symbol! It is so beautiful! And it is well known for its use in representing flux. - Kiteretsunu

Gamma (Γ/γ)
Lambda (Λ/λ)

Just one thing: half life

Pi (Π/π)

That's all I can remember. - Rocko

The letter's okay, but boy do I hate the number. 3.14159265 la la la...

Theta (Θ/θ)

The Contenders

Beta (Β/β)

Looks like an ugly ß

Epsilon (Ε/ε)
Omicron (Ο/ο)

I love saying its name. Omicron! Brilliant! - Rocko

Whoa dude, a circle. So booring.

Eta (Η/η)

As I've said before, I ν I η add this one! - PositronWildhawk

Zeta (Ζ/ζ)

The lowercase zeta just looks weird

Mu (Μ/μ)

This is quite intriguing... the two forms look like an "M" and a "u" and together they spell "Mu"...
hmm... - Rocko

Kappa (Κ/κ)
Alpha (Α/α)
Tau (Τ/τ)

The lowercase Tau looks like a really cute "T" that really doesn't have the arms for the job.
No, that innuendo wasn't intended. - Rocko

Rho (Ρ/ρ)
Nu (Ν/ν)
Chi (Χ/χ)
Iota (Ι/ι)

Just a single line. What were you expecting, the funniest thing ever?

It's their equivalent of one of our letters which is just a straight line. What were you expecting, a willy? - PositronWildhawk

Upsilon (Υ/υ)
Sho (Þ/þ)

This is an extinct letter of the Greek alphabet, but still used in a language not exactly similar to Greek, but used it's letters and added this. It looks similar to the Icelandic letter "thorn" though. - BorisRule

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