Top Ten Coolest Looking Passenger Aircraft

Those passenger airplanes are so cool. If you never seen one of these planes look it up.

The Top Ten

1 Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-700

I've flown one on Horizon Air in 2006. Their planes got repainted into Alaska and Delta planes in 2011. - Linnea

2 Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-900

This plane is great for Delta Airlines. I've never flown Delta but I want to on this kind of plane. - Linnea

3 Boeing 737-900ER

This plane is the biggest 737 ever built and it's the biggest plane Alaska Airlines had. I really want to fly one. - Linnea

4 Boeing 737-800

I will fly this plane to San Diego today. - Linnea

My plane got replaced with the 737-900ER to carry more people on that flight. It's way better than the 737-800. I hope I fly this plane again on the way back. - Linnea

5 Boeing 777-300ER

This plane can go for really long distances. Way more than the 747. - Linnea

6 Boeing 777-200ER

This plane is shorter than the 777-300ER but it still as powerful as the 777-300ER. - Linnea

7 Airbus a380

This is the biggest passenger plane ever built in history. It can fly the longest compared to any other plane even the 777. - Linnea

8 Boeing 727-200

This is a very cool classic aircraft with the 737 face and it has long wings and three engines on the tail. Alaska retired those planes in 1994. - Linnea

9 McDonnell Douglas MD-90

This plane is famous for Delta Airlines. It's very similar to the MD-80 but a little bit longer. - Linnea

10 McDonnell Douglas MD-80

Alaska Airlines used to have this plane but they were retired in 2008 and I wish they still have those planes till 2017 but that's when American Airlines is going to retire their MD-80s. - Linnea

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