Top Ten Coolest Looking Skylanders: Trap Team Characters


The Top Ten

1 Short Cut

He's awesome and reminds me of pop fizz. - EchoTheKiller

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2 Krypt King

He is epic with his huge sword and he looks like chop chop! - EchoTheKiller

He and Chop-Chop are my favorites.

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3 Chopper

He's my favorite trap team character love his missiles! BOOM!

Dinosaur with a jet pack... What more is to be said? - EchoTheKiller

He's ADORABLE and you can't deny he is the best tech skylander next to Drobot. - EchoTheKiller

4 Funny Bone

He is extremely cute and looks like hot dog but Deadlier and cooler. - EchoTheKiller

5 Snap Shot

A Crocodile with a crossbow. 'enough said. - EchoTheKiller

He base a bow and is super awesome

Bruvski I thing he just has a regular bow and arrow not a crossbow

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6 Lob Star

Lob-star is an awesome Lobster with ninja stars. What else is needed? - EchoTheKiller

7 Tuff Luck

Who doesn't like a tiger with war blades

I love her swords, her armor is so cool.

Shes the best

8 Blades

He is a blue dragon with awesome armor and a sword tail with awesome wings.

He is awesome! A dragon that shoot swords? Awesome! - EchoTheKiller

9 Jawbreaker

He is extremely cool looking and his robotic look is great! - EchoTheKiller

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10 Echo

She has music powers with sound bubble

The Contenders

11 High Five

He is so Cute! I couldn't not put him here! - EchoTheKiller

He is super colorful

12 Enigma

When we were shopping I just couldn't resist looking at him FOUR TIMES in only like 5 minutes.

Grim reaper with a magical staff that has his eye in it! I can't resist not looking at him! I can't wait to get him. ��"�

13 Blastermind

This guy is amazing

14 Wallop
15 Fist bump
16 Rocky Roll

He is made of rocks and he rolls on a giant rock

17 Headrush
18 Ghost Roaster

This guy is only in Spyro's Adventure.

19 Blackout

Pure awesomeness

20 Flip Wreck

Come on, this guy looks epic.

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