Coolest Made Up Superteens


The Top Ten

1 Kanin

High tech kid with a laser and a power of shooting fire he is a pretty good superhero in the art of defending stopping and saving people which makes him totally cool. Ps 17 years old - Tepigwink5587

2 Phoenix

A kid who dresses up as a phoneix he can really fly and he's helped batman and catwoman 4 or 5 times. So in all fare ness he's really cool like he even goes invisible and he is a really good martial arts fighter.14 years old - Tepigwink5587

3 Sceptor Imnya

Sceptor is great even do he didn't have powers he can like be as good fighter as catwoman! So better watch out batman if you run into him. Ps 18 years old - Tepigwink5587

4 Kenine

Kenine can stop time so it is handy if he's a about to get shot so he is my choice and luckily he is not a thief or else you just lost your plasma T.V.. Ps 12 years old. - Tepigwink5587

5 Cubit Jjaashae

Mr. Jjaashae is basically the James Bond from Japan. That's all to it. Ps 18 years old - Tepigwink5587

6 Cubit Jjaashae (Future)

Cubit is a gladiator who fights mostly his arch enemies to save others like fromaic and joishua.16 years old - Tepigwink5587

7 Fromaic

Fromaic is one of cubits backup men even though he is a trainee fighter but he's a brilliant sword fighter. Ps 21 years old - Tepigwink5587

8 Joishua

This man is a psychic so he can almost counter every move unless the man fray is close by him then he is basically a worm.10 years old - Tepigwink5587

9 Cano Anuaic

Cano is the brother of Kano and is a member of the black dragons even though he is a spy he is a great hero. Ps 16 years old - Tepigwink5587

10 Abnimilia Cranundra

This man was killed in 10 mins but he killed the strongest man in the entire world with his bare hands. Ps 19 years old - Tepigwink5587

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